About Kings Creek Hotel

Kings Creek Hotel is a family-owned hotel in Hastings on the Mornington Peninsula. Established in 1990, it’s been hosting locals and visitors from far and wide for the last two decades. Since its inception, King Creek Hotel has evolved to become a multi-function, dining and entertainment hotspot.

Collaboration With Kings Creek Hotel

Kings Creek Hotel came to One Stop Media seeking a greater digital presence. In addition to improving their website, Kings Creek Hotel were interested in exploring the ways SEO could benefit their business.


Kings Creek Hotel were facing some considerable challenges in the competitive Mornington Peninsula area. After doing a website audit and extensive market research, we were able to identify some key areas for development including website optimisation, local keywords and social media.


We got to work formulating a customised digital approach that would address the key growth areas. We also focused in on making sure all of Kings Creek Hotel’s digital bases were covered.

Here’s what we did:

Technical SEO to improve website functionality and design
Keyword research including suburb-based keywords
Comprehensive social media strategy to increase visibility
Content strategy to compliment SEO


40% Increase In Traffic
80% Increase In Customer Loyalty Sign-Ups
30% Increase In Keyword Rankings

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