About ModUrn

The ModUrn Group has proudly created the world’s first urns and mementos vault. Through the ModUrn app, you can store, keep and share your loved ones stories. This innovative idea allows you to offer a thoughtful and powerful reminder of a life you cherish.

Collaboration With ModUrn

As a global brand, ModUrn came to us wanting to make a global impact on the app market. This meant that ModUrn needed to attract and retain the interest of people on a global scale. The keyword competition was rife, so we needed to ensure we were employing a strategic SEO plan that included website development and optimised content.


We identified key areas for growth including website development and design, the check-out experience and optimised content. After conducting extensive keyword and customer research we were able to formulate a specialised digital approach.


Our customised approach was multi-faceted and included multiple digital strategies including:


Detailed keyword and competitor analysis
Technical SEO application to improve website performance
Website development for a seamless shopping experience
SEO driven content
Onsite Optimisation


55% Increase In Traffic
100% Growth In Conversions
35% Increase In Online Sales

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We’ve got an energetic team of 40+ people, including consultants, analysts, designers, developers and strategists who are ready to make your business thrive. Nothing stands in our way when it comes to delivering digital marketing results that will take your business to the next level.