About Tambola Housie

Tambola housie is bingo-style game that is universally loved and adored. The Tambola Housie is an app designed for the whole family to enjoy, with accessibility to play anywhere, anytime. With the capacity to play with family and friends in the two-player mode, you can chat with your opponents. Despite the fantastic game model of Tambola Housie, with a saturation of the market, making an impact was initially difficult.

Collaboration With Tambola Housie

Tambola Housie came to us with a few simple objectives. A stronger digital presence and visibility that ultimately lead to real conversions.


With the competitive games landscape, Tambola Housie was struggling to gain the digital traction to lead to conversions and visibility. We did extensive keyword and market research to develop a customised digital strategy.


We formulated a specialised digital strategy with a particular focus on SEO and PPC.

It Included:

All-inclusive SEO strategy
Technical and onsite SEO to improve app functionality
Content plan to boost SEO and build authority
PPC campaigns


88% Increase In Organic Traffic
15x Increase In Keywords Indexed
15.1 ROI

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