The Really Useful Guide to Facebook Advertising


In the fast moving dynamic social media landscape, Facebook ads are a new way to reach out a wider spectrum of targeted audience with a personalized message. However, starting with Facebook ads can often be daunting, if you are not aware of the right process.

As per estimation Facebook is predicted to make over $4 billion in revenue this year from
advertising. Isn’t it revolutionary?

Here is the brief guide to start with choosing a destination as well as ad type also for Facebook Ads.

How to Utilize Facebook to Promote your Business?
Facebook ads come in multiple varieties. It can allow you to promote your posts, page, posts, actions users took, or your website itself.

These ads are focused on specific location, demographic, and profile data. After creating an ad, you can set a budget and bid for each click or thousand impressions that your ad would receive.

Users would be able to see your ads in the sidebar on Facebook.

Who Should Use Facebook for Ads?

Several businesses failed at Facebook advertising as they were misfits. Facebook ads are for displaying ads, not searching ads. They can generate demand but cannot fulfill it. Users cannot directly buy product from Facebook.

Low-Friction Conversions

The businesses that ask users to sign up not to buy can become successful. Bette you should use a low-friction conversion!

Business Model

The ideal business model to be successful in this initiative is earning revenue from users over time, not all at once.

Get Started

To start with, go to, and hit “Create an Ad” button. It can only be done if you have logged in into your FB account. Now follow the instructions and create your ad. You can opt for creating a Sponsored Story or a Facebook ad.

Select destination URL. It could be your external website or your own FB page, event, or group which you want to promote.

Now, select type of ad – ‘Sponsored Stories’ – it brings more visits for News Feed stories, and ‘Facebook Ads’ enables you to market your FB entity on your own site.

For Facebook Ads:

  1. Select your destination -the landing page your ad will drive towards.
  2. Select title of your ads.
  3. Create ad to market your ads.
  4. Select an image, as it catapults your ad’s click-through rate.
  5. You can now preview your ad and make changes, if you have.

For Sponsored Stories:

  1. Select the type of story i.e. “Page Like Story,” a “Page Post Story,” or a “Page Post Like Story.”
  2. Hit the question mark buttons on FB next to every option for better understanding.
  3. Preview your story.

Choose Ad Targeting Preferences

Once you have created and previewed your ads, it’s time now to select your targeting options. It is advisable to choose targeted users, who are most likely to be interested in your services or products. You also need to choose the country from 25 countries, but if you target more than one country, your ad won’t be able to refine your target to specific cities. Now select the demographics you wish to target.

Set Campaigns, Pricing, and Scheduling

Finally select a payment type and budget for your ad campaign. Go to pricing section and hit the “Set a Different Bid (Advanced Mode)” link. It will display a suggested range of bids that are winning the auctions. You could choose CPM or CPC. Ideally CPC will offer the best value for you.

Now click “Review Ad” to have a preview of your ad before it goes online.

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