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As of late one of the parts of the App Entrepreneurs Group connected with me to get some answers concerning the helpfulness of making a point of arrival for applications. This individual had some truly legitimate focuses regarding why he imagined that a presentation page was only one more disturbance, which expected to be overseen and improved.

Why your Landing Page is a Secret Weapon for Online Marketing

On the off chance that you have made an application point of arrival the right way then, you can truly not need to stress over all the application store guideline changes which Apple and once in a while Google keep thinking of.

I would go so far as to say that a well-made greeting page could be your mystery weapon to market your application.

We will examine why I feel that an application greeting page is a diversion changer for application promoting.

On the off chance that you consider the option to having a different application point of arrival, which is to simply have an application store posting, then you most likely realize that your application store posting does not give you much helpful data.

No transformation information

At present both Google designer reassure and itunes unite don’t impart any information around the transformation rates for the individuals going by your application posting. As an application business visionary and advertiser you truly need to know whether out of each 100 individuals who visit your application posting, you are getting only 5 downloads or 50 downloads.

Without knowing this, there is no chance to get for you enhance your informing, screenshots or even your application. The most exceedingly terrible thing that can happen is that you wind up using an immense measure of your time and assets on streamlining a posting which as of now has a decent transformation rate.

A greeting page can help you get this information.

No Referral Information

On the off chance that you are acquainted with web promoting then you presumably likewise realize that it is to a great degree paramount for an advertiser to know which of his examinations or endeavors are delivering results. In light of this the web advertiser can center his endeavors just on the effective methodologies and scale them up.

When you are showcasing your application and connecting specifically to your application store posting, there is no chance to get for you to get the referral data. Yes, there are instruments like Mixpanel and Flurry, which help you with getting some referral data however it just works when you particularly produce connections to be utilized for your showcasing. All the natural referrals get lost.

At the end of the day a point of arrival can take care of this issue for you by permitting you to utilize a basic and free device like Google Analytics to provide for you referral data.

** Most Important ** No Retargeting

On the off chance that there was only one thing which you detract from this blog entry then let it be this – to succeed with application showcasing you have to turn into a master with retargeting.

I have helped a great deal of application business visionaries with their application advertising and without a doubt the best procedure for obtaining clients for all these individuals has been retargeting.

My individual experience has been that I have possessed the capacity to get 300% to 600% more downloads for the same showcasing plan by utilizing retargeting.

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting alludes to the promoting procedure where as opposed to attempting to persuade totally new individuals to download your application, you rather concentrate on individuals who have as of now demonstrated some enthusiasm toward your application.

On the off chance that you are on a tight plan, then retargeting is much more critical for you. You simply can’t stand to waste even a solitary dollar.

The way it lives up to expectations for your application is that as opposed to utilizing your application store posting as a part of all your showcasing activities, you utilize your greeting page. Presently three things can happen when potential clients go to your application greeting page.

They either like what they see and download the application


They dislike what they see and they would prefer not to download your application


And above all they get occupied with something else and neglect to download the application.

You will be shocked to realize that for an average application, you can have upwards of 30%-40% of the guests who simply got occupied with life and neglected to download your application.

Retargeting helps you get downloads from these clients. Since these clients in any case needed to download your application, in the event that you can simply remind them about your application you ought to get a download effortlessly.