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If you’re struggling with email marketing, you might wonder what you could do to pull your stats up by the bootstrings and enjoy a more significant return on investment (ROI). Don’t worry. At One Stop Media, we are here to help. This article covers some of the fundamental areas of improvement that many marketers and business owners would be wise to brush up on. After implementing these suggestions, you will be in a much better position to maximise your ROI from your email marketing campaigns.


When it comes to your email marketing strategy, you could be missing out on keeping your subscribers happy and engaged if you don’t optimise your campaigns for mobile and other devices. Most people check their emails on devices other than their computers these days. While this is not earth-shattering news, it is surprising how many marketers and business owners have still not taken the time to create mobile-optimised email campaigns. Do yourself a favour and ensure your email marketing includes responsive campaigns for higher ROI.


Deliverability is a significant issue when ensuring your email marketing strategy works. You can craft the best emails in the world, but if they are not reaching your subscribers, you’re in trouble. You can do a few things to maximise your emails’ deliverability. You can ask subscribers to “whitelist” your emails by adding your email address to their contacts list. You can ensure that there is an easily findable unsubscribe link at the bottom of your emails so that people on your list who want to unsubscribe can easily do that and won’t get frustrated and mark your emails as spam.


Segmenting your list is an excellent way to boost your email marketing campaign’s ROI. You can segment based on location, purchases, interests, sales funnel position, or any other number of behaviours or qualities your subscribers show. Segmenting is just making smaller lists from your extensive overarching list depending on which attributes you want to target. Your data and statistics collected by your email provider should help you to find criteria upon which to base segmentation. Do it and watch your ROI soar.


Statistics collected on the performance of your email marketing campaigns are valuable signposts for how you are tracking towards lifting your ROI. Figures such as email open rates, click-through rates, even conversion rates, sharing rates, and revenue per email can all paint a picture of the health of your email marketing strategy. You can also conduct A/B testing on all aspects of your email campaigns to find out what works and what doesn’t. The data doesn’t lie. Statistics and data form a big part of our digital advisory sessions.

Subject lines

Subject lines are essential to successful email campaigns, as they are the first thing a subscriber sees and will likely determine if they open the email or leave it languishing in their inbox for eternity. Subject lines that evoke curiosity, humour, or shock value are more likely to be successful in motivating subscribers to open them. Of course, you don’t ever want to trick people with your subject line, as once fooled, they will know your tactic and won’t trust you again. But an element of surprise is usually necessary to get cut through in crowded inboxes these days.

Call to action

If you’re new to the marketing game, you might not know what a call to action is. It is merely a sentence or word that encourages subscribers to take action. Something like “buy now” or “order here” or “read more.” A call to action tells your subscribers what you want them to do. There’s no point in being vague or shy about this because if you are, they won’t get your message and take action in the way you want them to. Aim to have just one simple, clear call to action per email for best results.

Make the most of your email marketing strategy with One Stop Media

When you come on board as a client of One Stop Media, we can take care of all the aspects of your email marketing strategy if you so choose. All of the above points will automatically be covered by our industry best practices.

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