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A digital refresh for an industry leader

All Star Access Hire is a major player in the EWP industry. They needed to refresh their online image and improve upon the functionality and performance of their greatest digital asset, their website. One Stop Media provided end-to-end website development, creating an SEO framework to support the website’s performance, wireframing to map out the new design, and content for over 80+ pages. This project also included front and back-end development and implementation for better functionality.

Website enquiries


Contact form completions increased by 363.64%, from 11 to 51 year on year over 3 months.

Page views


Page views increased by 12.81%, from 14,295 to 16,126 year on year in the same period.

Page sessions


The average page session time increased by 17.23%, from 1 minute 04 seconds to 1 minute 15 seconds.

User sessions


The total number of user sessions increased by 26.99%, from 4,375 to 5,556 year on year in 3 months.

One Stop Media

Wireframing and design

Before we worked on the wireframing and design, we established the SEO framework and site map as essential signposts for specific word counts and keywords needed to optimise organic traffic. It was important to have that in place before we designed anything. To begin, we started with basic wireframes that only denoted the structure of the pages.

This workflow ensures that every page is constructed according to the best user experience and functionality practices. Style guides outline the conventions for font sizes, weights and colours, and other necessary details. Based on client feedback, we added further stylings to the pages until we produced a high-fidelity wireframe for the developers to work on in the back end.

One Stop Media

Copywriting and content population

There were at least 80 pages of content to write for this website development project. It was no small undertaking. The new All Star Access Hire website was extensive in size and ambition, and the SEO framework set out expectations for the copy in terms of keywords and word counts, which kept a consistent approach across the website for a more professional look.

It was vital that we did not simply rehash the same information on different pages but provided unique content that helped the user navigate the website. This is both to ensure the best SEO performance possible, but also to enhance user experience. We selected a particular tone and writing style to speak to All Star Access Hire’s customers.

One Stop Media

Project specific process

At One Stop Media, we have a precise approach to our work process, especially when hired to work on such a large project as this one with All Star Access Hire. It requires a proper understanding of project management to ensure smooth sailing throughout the assignment. Each task must be viewed and completed in the context of the overall project, in the correct order, and with constant input from the client to ensure we stay on the right track and aligned to the client’s objectives.

One Stop Media


One of the critical outcomes of this website development project for All Star Access Hire was to establish a baseline for SEO progress and a way of tracking organic traffic moving forward. Another important objective was to create a very user-friendly site that anyone could land on and know how to navigate, whether they are browsing on a desktop or their phone. Finally, the redevelopment project was a chance to drive interest and traffic to online offerings such as the careers page and trade applications form to help attract more business to these areas of their operations.

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