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DIPD Nails is one of the leading Australian brands of dip powder nail colours and nail kits, founded by former TV personality and entrepreneur Nadia Stamp. The seed for DIPD’s rise to popularity was sown as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, with many women looking for an alternative to nail salon treatments. The entirely women-owned, women-run business prides itself on giving their customers a revolutionary beauty experience in the comfort of their homes. Our proposal was thus a digital strategy that combined powerful e-commerce tools with SEO and keyword research to drive up sales and boost customer engagement.

Organic Traffic


Organic traffic increased by 342% in 2021 year over year.

E-Commerce Conv. Rate


E-commerce conversion rate increased by 35% in 2021 year over year.

Avg. Transaction


The average transaction value increased by 9% in 2021 year over year.

E-Commerce Revenue


E-commerce revenue increased by 59% in 2021 year over year.


Optimised e-commerce platform

For a retail business such as DIPD Nails, your standard approach to digital marketing may not always be enough. Through our monthly digital advisory strategy meetings, we were able to reach a solid understanding of their business model, and determine the strategy we would execute. It was important to establish this understanding with the client before we proceeded.

We decided to implement powerful e-commerce tools such as Klaviyo to optimise DIPD Nails’ email marketing campaigns and Shopify to power their website. These allowed us to track sales, set up discount codes, and optimise content in a way that would help our client stand out in the already saturated Australian beauty market. The EDMs would work hand-in-hand in driving up website traffic.


SEO content strategy

As mentioned above, in the saturated beauty market great content is often the best way to stand out. With the founders themselves having a very keen social media presence, they sought to capitalise on trends to showcase the uniqueness of their products. Combine this with SEO keyword research and regular sales data, and you have a powerful content strategy in place.

The key was to highlight the factors that made DIPD Nails so successful: its easy application process and its Australian-made, cruelty and allergy free formula. It was up to our talented content writers to turn the raw research data into a vehicle for the brand voice that drove up page views. With the client’s focus on empowering women to own their beauty routines, it was an added bonus to collaborate with a female content team that understood their objectives.


Project specific process

Clients like DIPD Nails bring a fresh set of objectives and challenges to the table. But when we have a watertight process in place like at One Stop Media, we ensure every business objective is clear and every client’s goal is understood. For industries such as e-commerce, the value of real data and analysis cannot be understated. And it is this data gathering and research that forms the basis of our strategy.

One Stop Media


When you partner with us at One Stop Media, we deliver a strategy that’s unique to your business but is also tried and tested to produce the right results. Just as with DIPD Nails, we use real data and in-depth research to determine the avenues where our clients have the biggest potential for growth. With their successful email marketing campaigns and boost in organic website conversions, the results speak for themselves. The path ahead is bright for bigger and better things while enjoying the long-term fruits of our partnership.

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