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Pinnacle Hardware is a major supplier of garage storage, hardware, tools, fasteners, and pet products to Bunnings Warehouse outlets across Australia & New Zealand. We proposed implementing a full-scale digital strategy for Pinnacle Hardware, encompassing website development, digital marketing, social media, SEO, and data analysis. This strategy netted remarkable positive results, despite challenges in the marketplace, such as increased competition, the COVID-19 pandemic, and fluctuations in audience size. Monthly digital advisory sessions between One Stop Media and Pinnacle Hardware ensured that we stayed on track, working towards their business objectives.

website users


The number of users on the website grew by 33.17%, from 193,635 to 257,869 year on year over 11 months.

Goal completions


Goal completions where users took specific actions shot up by 41.40% from 88,528 to 125,177 over the same period.

organic search


Organic search volume lept up by 21.41% from 145,537 to 176,690 year on year over 11 months.

website conversions


Organic website conversions increased by 23.71% from 62,892 to 77,803 in the same period.

One Stop Media

Digital advisory

For a full-scale digital strategy such as the one we planned and implemented for Pinnacle Hardware, touchpoints on the way to success are critical. One of our vital contacts with our clients is our monthly digital advisory strategy meetings. These sessions ensure the client’s program is executed with the right strategies and data and aligned with their business objectives. 

We achieve this through a solid understanding of their business model and a methodical approach to implementation. Elements include: working closely with the client, developing ongoing project collaborations and new strategies to ensure the business is moving forward, and pivoting where necessary to maintain growth. 


SEO content strategy

Creating a successful SEO content strategy was a big part of driving more traffic to the Pinnacle Hardware website. From our digital advisory sessions, it became clear that Pinnacle Hardware wanted to focus on particular business segments as a matter of priority, and we made these a focus when designing content and researching appropriate keywords to boost organic traffic by 17.97% from 163,990 to 193,453 year on year over 11 months.  We kept Pinnacle Hardware’s business objectives in mind throughout the content planning, research, and development process. Our content strategists went to work, seeking to answer with articles typical questions prospective Pinnacle customers may have about their range of products. A big focus was the Pinnacle garage storage range, a prominent business segment that underpins the SEO content strategy.

One Stop Media

Project specific process

Digital marketing involves many spinning parts, and that’s why it’s so important to have a robust overriding strategy for how they will fit together. Not only that, but this strategy needs to fulfil a specific purpose - to drive toward the client’s business objectives. When we initiate a full-scale digital strategy like the one we created for Pinnacle Hardware, data and analysis are involved. These keep us faithful to the path, efficient and transparent to our clients.

One Stop Media


A full-scale digital strategy is an excellent opportunity to pull out all the stops in digital marketing. It’s a great way to cover many potential avenues for capturing market share. It makes a great difference to business performance when you partner with us at One Stop Media with our focus on business objectives and advisory. Pinnacle Hardware has enjoyed, among other things, massive growth in organic sessions, website conversions, website sessions, and social media conversions, and they remain one of our most loyal clients because of these successes.

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