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Rolltrak is a major supplier of door and window hardware to Bunnings in both Australia and New Zealand, with a particular priority over barn doors, tracks and accessories. They required a redevelopment of their website to better target their market with resources designed to improve performance, capture more audiences and market share. One Stop Media took on the challenge by establishing a solid SEO strategy around which the new website was developed, with content for 37 product categories and 300 products, and updated front- and back-end functionality resulting in an increased number of users and conversions.

Website Traffic


Increase in overall website users year on year

Organic impressions


Increase in organic impressions per Google Console

Page Views


Increase in page views across all website users

Organic traffic


Increase in organic users through integrated SEO strategy


SEO strategy

With this client, we adopted a product-focused approach for our SEO strategy, which we would then use to build the website. Our keyword research focused on high-frequency searches in the barn door hardware space, which we could then use to create a targeted sitemap. These then dictated the basic wireframes our designers could create from scratch to redevelop the website.

Having a sound SEO framework in place before commencing the actual website design can be hugely beneficial for a commercial operation, as it puts the brand’s target audience at the centre of the project, focusing on what they will most likely search for. Great user experience goes hand in hand with website functionality, and this principle leads to increased organic traffic in the long term.

Cutting edge

Website design

With the wireframes in place and the style guide provided by the client which supplied conventions for fonts, colours, line weights and other formatting guidelines, our web designers could flesh out an all-new, high-performance website for Rolltrak. The 37 pages needed to be consistent and professional, while making sure the content was fresh and optimised for search engines.

Our copywriting team made use of their extensive keyword research and client-side information to create content that was unique, generated awareness on Rolltrak’s barn door hardware and pointed the user in the right direction when navigating through. By using a tone that spoke to the customers while maintaining the brand personality, the content generated was both unique and SEO optimised.

One Stop Media

Our process

We’re an agency driven by real data and analytics to understand our client’s goals and opportunities, and this is what drives our processes at One Stop Media. For Rolltrak’s website redevelopment, we relied on constant and open client feedback to keep us headed in the right direction, to refine our understanding of their objectives and drive organic growth.

Business Objectives

Project Outcomes

The primary objective of the redevelopment of the Rolltrak website was to deliver an exceptional user experience and functionality to capture market share. Keyword research and an integrated SEO strategy were instrumental in highlighting their product variety in barn door tracks and hardware and increasing overall page views for these categories in Australia and New Zealand. As the brand moves forward, this user-focused approach will continue to sustain long-term growth and generate exceptional results.

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