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How to make the most of social media marketing to reach your customers

Social media marketing has changed the way businesses approach and attract customers. Now your business can interact with them and focus on issues that directly affect them in real time at little cost. The benefits of social media trends and participating in them are manifold, with every business operating an account on the platform that represents them the best.

But with so many different social media platforms available to choose from, how do you decide which is the right fit for your business? How do you make sure you’re attracting the right audience, or using the right language? What social media marketing strategies can you use in this rapidly changing landscape to maximise your reach?

One of the biggest benefits of social media is it is less about technology, and more about people. We help you break down the key things to consider when setting up your business presence on social media platforms, and help you decide which areas to focus on with the most potential for growth.

Know your target audience

When marketing a product or service, you’re always told the first step is to narrow down your audience demographics. The same goes for social media marketing, as it is also a product with audience consumption, and these demographics vary per platform. Your audience statistics will tell you more about your typical customer:

  • If they are male or female
  • Their typical age range
  • Their education and income level
  • What they typically demand from your business

Once you have your primary audience data, you have a better idea where to concentrate your social media marketing. But it’s important not to make assumptions based on this information. For example, though a large number of users under the Generation Z umbrella (born after 1995) may own a Facebook profile, they tend to be more active on sites like Instagram and TikTok.

Getting the right data for social media engagement levels can help you match them up to your target audience. 2021 studies say Twitter has seen a metric rise in users aged 35-65, while users with higher income levels are more likely to be found on LinkedIn.

Define your brand content and goals

Another important thing to remember is that various social media marketing platforms use their content differently. LinkedIn and Facebook feature long-form content with minimalist graphics, TikTok curates catchy short-form video content, while Instagram relies on photography and graphic content. Other platforms require a deeper and statistical understanding of what content performs the best. For example, native video views on Reddit and Twitter have seen a rapid increase in 2021.

One of the best benefits of social media is allowing people to connect with others for certain goals, and that affects the kind of content your business caters to them. Facebook users will be more likely to use the site to connect with friends and family, so if your business offers a group service, your Facebook presence would work wonders. Twitter attracts like-minded people in circles, so you need to focus your social media marketing within those circles. Pinterest is one particular social media site that is female-dominated and used to curate ideas by way of ‘pinning’ them to a board, so your business will need strong visual and product focus to appear on many people’s boards.

Make social media work for you

There are plenty of in-built tools you can use to make social media marketing easier, from Twitter polls to Instagram Stories. Learning how each one works and curating content specifically for these tools can dramatically increase views and boost engagement. Similarly, every social media site allows you to view what topics are trending in certain locations and demographics, and you can use them to your advantage when creating content. Scheduling posts for active hours in the time zones of your primary audience helps you reach them in real time.

Get the most benefits from social media marketing with One Stop Media

If you’re looking to develop a social media marketing strategy to help your business grow, it’s never too late to expand your reach. Here at One Stop Media, we focus on the data first to map out a plan for maximum engagement. We understand your business, and what it needs to take a step forward for growth.

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