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Do you use Google AdWords? Chances are, if you’re a small business owner it’s been the recommended course of action any time you’ve mentioned your marketing ideas.

PPC stands for pay-per-click. It is a model of internet marketing on which advertisers pay a set amount each time an advertisement they have posted is clicked. For many small businesses, it is a way of herding visitors to your site that are not organically driven.

Google AdWords is the most popular form of PPC advertising. As it allows businesses to create advertisements that will appear on Google’s search engine, the propensity for a far-reaching campaign is significant. Users may bid on keywords they want to use, paying subsequently for each click they receive.

Every time a term is searched for, Google chooses that will appear in the valuable advertising space on their search results page. Whichever advertiser is selected, they are chosen for the appropriate use of keywords.

Great reasons for small businesses to turn to google AdWords include:

Google AdWords for Small Business
  • AdWords engage the people you want to connect with. – For example, did you know that advertising for YouTube is managed via google AdWords? With the staggering number of videos accessed via YouTube each day, there is every reason for small businesses to get on board.
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    • If no-one clicks, no-one pays. – As a hook for small business owners, it doesn’t get much better than this. A well set up campaign will draw clicks that are great for business and worth your money when the time comes to cough up.
    • Your business can be in the right place at the right time. – AdWords enables location specific advertisement placement. This means that the radius of businesses you’d like to engage with can be addressed directly,Google searchers are looking for instant results. AdWords makes it possible for businesses to capitalise on that urgency by being visible at the perfect time.
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    Need further convincing that AdWords is right for your small business? One Stop Media provide Google AdWords management services to businesses at all levels of growth. For more information about our effective campaigns, call our team today on 1300 305 619 today.