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As Google Algorithm Update-Penguin 3.0 hits the search engine scenes, it’s up to the developers to take stock of the situation and incorporate amendments as required. This new version Penguin Filter has already started to target and penalize sites that use black hat SEO tactics for Link Building. It is the 6th update since the last one rolled out in 2013, October 4. Amidst all the frenzy, which the latest one has created among Webmasters, it is interesting to note that many have been anticipating its presence for some time now. Especially hopeful were the people hit by the previous updates, which left them scrambling for a way out of the mess left behind.

These latest refresh will allow them to find out whether the changes they incorporated leads to positive results this time. So, what has changed with the Penguin 3.0 algorithm update?

NOTHING…it continues with the work of the earlier versions the only difference being it has now grown more powerful than before through the latest revisions and related upgrades. So,


Feeling the heat of Penguin 3.0 penalties are the sites that use poor quality strategies for link building as over use of anchor texts, blog networks, or link manipulative patterns. The updates most probably will affect 2% to 3% of websites. Google has planned a multi-week roll out this time making it difficult for Webmasters to identify the algorithm, when site rankings suffer.

For marketers the latest updates reaffirm the need for quality control. Only DIFFERENTIATED, TARGETED, and SPECIFIC advertising will give the positive results that you seek.

So now, it’s high time to evaluate the quality of your site and incorporate changes wherever required. If you don’t do it now, it may surely be too late anytime! Ask yourself these questions,

  • Has the organic traffic to the site gone down drastically suddenly?
  • Is the website no longer visible in Page rankings?

When such things happen, know that your site has been hit finally! The bad news is that if you’re looking for quick fixes, remember none exists! Now, onto the good news, not everything ends when the site rankings fall, there’s still hope. Here are some REMEDIES you may try.

Identify Poor Links

Directory non-industry specific links, forum non-relevant post links, paid for direct links minus advertising, links to article directories, and anchor text spam is spurious. Online Webmaster tools allow you to locate these. Now simply disavow them to let Google know about your rejection. This will help you to get back in their good books. When Webmaster tools from Google go for spam actions manually, you need to file ‘Reconsideration Request’. This is to seek validation from Google regarding bad link removal. Detailed documentation demonstrates your efforts and allows proper investigations for faster positive results.

Rethink SEO Strategy

Begin with strong, relevant content creation. Do away with Duplicate Content, Link Cloaking, Keyword Stuffing, and Hidden Text for best results.

The Google updates rolling out more frequently don’t be afraid, but get used instead! There’s no alternative to quality content…it’s good business sense!