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How to keep your business on top in this changing landscape

2020-21 saw a period of great adjustment for businesses as they had to move away from traditional marketing funnels and rely on developing digital marketing strategies, as consumer patterns shifted around the COVID-19 pandemic. But as fears of the virus diminish and the landscape slowly returns to something close to its previous state, every digital marketing agency in Melbourne has realised that the same strategies they recommended in lockdown may not hold up after its end.

According to data sources, the Australian online advertising market recorded a significant increase in revenue for the financial year of 2021-22. But these figures showed signs of softening as the market headed into the June 30th 2022 quarter, although mobile-based marketing held steady ground. What do these figures mean? What factors will influence the change in digital marketing strategies as we move forward and consumer patterns slowly return to normal? Or have they been altered by new, exciting trends? Here’s what we found out.

The shift to mobile-based digital marketing

As a result of being forced to spend more time at home, Australians found themselves with more spare time to spend on their phones. Even as post-pandemic conditions change to facilitate more physical and outdoor activities, mobile use is only expected to increase in the digital age. As such, digital marketing strategies that integrate mobile use and responsiveness are more valuable than ever. We have previously seen that mobile-friendly sites rank higher on search engines than others, making mobile friendliness one of the most crucial SEO ranking factors.

The impact of social media

The endless lockdowns meant people were starved of physical interaction and had to turn to social media to look for meaningful ways of communication. For any digital marketing agency in Melbourne this also meant using social media to enable businesses to form a meaningful relationship with both their existing and potential customers. Many sectors that previously did not feature any kind of social component updated to integrate features that enabled users to interact and share their experiences with the service, including gaming and learning platforms. This overall increase in customer interaction in a medium where word of mouth travels at lightning speeds, has helped businesses grow by leaps and bounds.

New tools and the volume of data available mean agencies can determine which social media platform is best suited for your business, based on factors such as demographics and content type. These ties have lasted even after the pandemic, so the relevance of social media marketing will continue into the new financial year.

Reinventing the conversion funnel

Many businesses will report that they have experienced a decrease in website traffic since the start of the new quarter, as physical shopping returns and customers are no longer entirely reliant on remote delivery. Does this shift back to ‘normal’ sound warning signals for your business? Of course not. As every good digital marketing agency in Melbourne will advise you, the beauty of digital marketing strategies is that they constantly adapt and evolve to changing landscapes. Now, digital marketing can also help boost your physical business as much as it paid off in the pandemic.

While the customer conversion funnel may not be as linear as it was traditionally, it now makes use of these new tools like social media and mobile marketing to change direction and attract customers through a route where they are more likely to gather. Traditional marketing tools like content creation and CRMs also need to make that shift to a quicker, more social based approach, in turn benefitting both physical and digital revenue.

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If you’re overwhelmed about navigating the fresh set of challenges the post-COVID landscape presents, you may consider consulting a boutique digital marketing agency in Melbourne to redefine your strategy going forward. At One Stop Media, we have one eye on the future at all times, and our digital advisory uses real data and analytics to help you understand where your business is headed.

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