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Your common questions answered

Can you briefly describe what a digital advisor does?

Our focus is to ensure that there is an even greater alignment and synergy between your business model and digital strategy and, in the process, achieve for your business a competitive advantage. 

You need alignment between your business model and digital strategy to ensure that your marketing tactics are moving you in the right direction. 

A different business model will necessitate a varying digital strategy, as every business is slightly different. 

The way your company operates and the business objectives you have will determine how to approach the digital marketing strategy for your company. 

This is what a digital advisory consultant does: 

  • Works closely with your business throughout your digital strategy
  • Has an in-depth understanding of your business model
  • Builds and develops strategies in alignment with your business goals and objectives
  • Assists where applicable with the provision of data-focused analysis and stakeholder management
  • Provides ongoing project collaboration
  • Delivers monthly strategy meetings to keep you informed and on track

Why does a business need a digital advisor?  

A digital consultancy in Melbourne can remove the disconnect between your digital strategy and your business model. 

There are considerable gaps in the market where businesses work with digital agencies that are not aligned to executing the same objectives. 

This is where a digital consultancy in Melbourne plays a vital role in aligning the digital strategy to execute the business model. 

You can waste much money if you invest in digital marketing without a digital strategy that considers your business model.  

A digital consultancy in Melbourne is a worthy investment as it can prevent you from throwing money at digital marketing tactics that are not right for your particular business. 

You may balk at the cost of digital advisory, but think just how much more effective your digital marketing tactics will be. Consider how much more ROI you will get when you have a sound strategy in place from the support of a digital consultancy in Melbourne. 

What is a business usually doing wrong with its digital marketing and growth approach?

There are many different things a business could be doing wrong with its approach to digital marketing. You can avoid these mistakes by hiring a digital consultancy in Melbourne.

One common issue is the splatter gun approach, otherwise known as throwing mud against a wall. 

This approach involves spending lots of money on marketing but failing to track what is working and what is not. 

Without feedback from data, you never know what is worth doubling down on and what is worth eliminating.  

Some businesses are investing in mediums that don’t suit their business or missing out on mediums that do. 

For example, B2B companies not on LinkedIn are losing a vast potential audience of other businesses. 

They could benefit from the insights a digital consultancy in Melbourne could provide.

Can you describe a step-by-step approach you would take to onboarding a new client for digital advisory?

1. Company vision – As a leading digital consultancy in Melbourne, we seek to comprehend your business on a broad scale, from your business model to your objectives and target audience. At this stage, we run a brand discovery workshop with you to put these concepts in writing for later reference. That way, we are 100% clear on who you are and what you stand for.

2. Business plan – You may or may not have a business plan already in place. If you have one, we go through it to understand the nuts and bolts of your business. If you don’t have one, we establish one to get your business priorities straight, as well as fleshing out a plan on how to achieve them.

3. Strategise – Next, we develop a strategy that incorporates a range of digital methods for achieving your business objectives. The complete alignment between business objectives and digital strategy is crucial, as any digital consultancy in Melbourne will tell you.

4. Implement – Usually, a digital consultancy in Melbourne will also be backed up by a digital marketing team to deliver on the proposed strategy. At One Stop Media, we have an integrated approach with content strategists, social media experts, digital advisory consultants, designers, and developers all at your fingertips.

5. Optimise – Through ongoing analysis of digital marketing tactics, we can keep tabs on what’s working and not and pivot accordingly. We keep you informed and engaged with monthly digital advisory meetings, so you know exactly what is going on and what we will do about it.

What is usually included in a digital advisor’s skill set? E.g., SEO, data analytics?

A digital advisory consultant’s thought process and knowledge come from vast experience working with developing digital strategies for a range of businesses. Not only that but aligning strategy with their objectives. This intent underpins their skill set, which spans across a range of critical areas within marketing, such as:

  • Branding
  • Strategy Development
  • Data Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Digital Assets
  • Content Strategy
  • SEO
  • Paid Search Strategy
  • Social Strategy

Call us for exceptional digital advisory services 

Here at One Stop Media, we shine at digital advisory services. 

We aim for complete alignment between your business objectives and your digital strategy, and we ensure this match by knowing your business model from the inside out.

If you want digital marketing that works that gives you solid ROI year in year out, contact us at One Stop Media today.