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LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking website, with users building industry connections, staying in touch with colleagues, and engaging in discussions on a range of work-related topics. The endless conversations between members include industry news and updates, everyday work experiences, job searching and job opportunities, and effective workplace environments, just to name a few.

Similarly to Facebook, LinkedIn has just implemented reaction buttons that go beyond the ‘like’ and comment options. This gives users a more expressive way to engage with the posts that they see on their newsfeeds and allows those who post to feel more heard and understood. Members can currently react to posts on 11 different pages, including their feed, search, articles, etc. Given that a large percentage of LinkedIn users now log in via the mobile app, providing a simple response option makes a lot of sense. 

Alongside the ‘like’ button, users now have the option to ‘celebrate’, ‘love’, ‘insightful’ and ‘curious’ react to posts;

Source: LinkedIn

  • You can ‘celebrate’ an accomplishment or milestone, such as a successful product launch or a new job.
  • ‘Love’ react to a post that really resonated with you, such as the importance of recognition within the workplace. LinkedIn regularly saw users commenting ‘I need a Love reaction!’
  • You can ‘insightful’ react to an idea or video that you found particularly interesting.
  • The ‘curious’ reaction allows you to show how you would like to learn more about a topic that you came across.

As a poster, these new reaction options can help you identify the impact that your posts are having on the people they are reaching. LinkedIn identified the most valuable reactions to the type of conversations that their members were having to reach these 4 additional reactions. They analysed the top words commented on posts, the types of posts people were sharing, as well as analysing what people are talking about to understand the feedback they want to receive.

The single liking option made it difficult to identify why a person liked a particular post. Now, being able to understand the way that readers feel towards the content they see can be extremely useful for those who post. It allows users to specifically craft their content to get a certain reaction out of their audience. The reactions that readers give to posts can be a great way to monitor and analyse whether the content posted received the right audience engagement and had the desired effect.

For example, posting content about a topic that hasn’t received a lot of exposure, such as emerging technology, will hopefully engage a lot of ‘curious’ reactions. This can be a great way for businesses to communicate with possible clients and follow up on any potential leads if some users are curious to discover more about the content and services they offer.

Reactions are beginning to roll out now and will become available globally to all members in the coming months on both the mobile app and website.

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