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3 Telling criteria for differentiating between agencies

When choosing a digital marketing agency, you need a way to differentiate between different companies. Many agencies may promise you the world but then underdeliver when it comes down to results. Additionally, not all agencies offer digital advisory services, which are crucial to linking your digital marketing strategy to your business objectives. This synergy is essential for correctly executing your business model, which is what you need to align your digital strategy with your business goals. It’s not as simple as working out how to choose a digital marketing agency based on gut feeling or initial impressions. Any digital agency worth its salt will have data to back up what they are promising and a realistic approach to timelines and results.

 What does a digital agency do?

An excellent digital agency is like an extension of your business, as it will partner with you to obtain specific agreed-upon objectives. This interaction is the process covered by digital advisory services – mapping out the business objectives you want to achieve with your digital strategy. At One Stop Media, we are a data-driven, lean agency that operates in total alignment with your business goals. Unfortunately, not all digital agencies have such a clear-cut laser focus on matching digital marketing strategies to desired business outcomes. As a result, their approaches may lack clarity and effectiveness. It is, therefore, in your best interest when thinking about how to choose a digital marketing agency that you consider whether they offer digital advisory services. If they don’t, you could risk wasting time and money on digital marketing tactics that are irrelevant to your business.

While digital advisory services are critical to ensuring you have the right overarching strategies in place, most agencies offer a similar breakdown of granular services. You can expect to see offerings such as website development and design, SEO, content strategy, e-commerce support, email marketing, Google Ads, and social media, to name a few. You can easily see how you could be spinning your wheels in any of these marketing methods if you are not using a solid marketing strategy born of your agency’s robust digital advisory services.

Why outsource to a digital marketing agency?

We have written a whole article on why outsourcing to a digital marketing agency could benefit your business, but here’s the gist in fewer words. As a business owner or director, you have many different areas of responsibility, and it may seem that they are all clamouring at once for your attention. Yes, it is possible to do digital marketing in-house, but such an arrangement is not as transparent or efficient as working with a digital agency. With clear objectives to achieve, you always know where you’re headed and where you stand with your digital marketing strategy. A good digital agency will offer ongoing reporting on your progress. At One Stop Media, we have a monthly strategy meeting with each of our clients. We plan for success, and it makes all the difference.

How to choose a digital marketing agency I can partner with?

There are many ways of deciding how to choose a digital marketing agency. Too many to list all of them here. But the following are three essential things to remember when selecting an agency to partner with. These three criteria will point you in the right direction.

Look for a collaborative approach

A digital agency can’t do the work alone without your input, and you can’t create a lean digital marketing strategy without their input, so the key here is collaboration. Each party to the business relationship has something that the other needs, and by working together collaboratively, you can achieve your business goals more efficiently.

Identify agencies with low client turnover

Some low-tier digital marketing agencies generally have huge client turnover, which says a few things – that their strategies may not be effective and that they don’t value building long-term relationships with their clients. At One Stop Media, we only take on clients who are long-term prospects. We want to grow with you and create digital assets for you that we can be proud of and that will help you grow your business yearly.

Choose an agency that values data

A data-driven agency with a transparent approach will put you at ease and quickly earn your trust as you know exactly where you stand with your digital marketing. Every month we book a time to review the numbers with our respective clients as part of our digital advisory services, reporting on their performance year on year to keep tabs on their goals.

Benefit from digital advisory services with One Stop Media

One important thing differentiates us from our competitors. Unlike many other agencies, we offer digital advisory services to our clients to ensure an exact match between our marketing strategies and their business objectives. This process saves time and money as it ensures that we think through our approaches and marketing methods, aligning them with your goals and the business segments you want to promote. If this sounds appealing, contact us today for a confidential discussion about your business.