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It’s been a couple of months since the Coronavirus turned our lives upside down. From practicing social distancing to travel bans, business closures to wearing masks, COVID-19 is something none of us saw coming.

But it’s in these times of unprecedented challenges that smart investors, business owners and salespeople look at downturns in markets as opportunities find new solutions, new methods and new markets. While others see disaster and put life on hold, they adapt to the new reality and create opportunities.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Marketing and selling through COVID-19

The fundamental principle of good marketing is a deep understanding of your target market—their behaviours, their passions, their challenges, their perspective on the world around them. With this in mind, now is not the time for pushy marketing messages and cold sales pitches. It’s about coming from a place of support and compassion.

One Stop Media is a web marketing agency in Melbourne that can help you re-evaluate your marketing efforts in light of COVID-19 to thrive in these challenging times.

Here are just a few of the strategies we can leverage to maximise your customer engagement now:

● Content marketing
● Email marketing
● Website optimisation

Content marketing

Confined to our homes and with all but essential activity currently banned, consumers are spending more time than ever online consuming content. This creates an opportunity for businesses to become that source of information, support, guidance and entertainment. Content marketing functions not only as a brand building tool but as a way to build relationships.

One Stop Media is a web marketing agency in Melbourne dedicated to helping businesses connect with their customers. Our team of content specialists take the time to get to know your business, industry and audience and create directed content accordingly. We’ll do the research to make sure your content is on the right channels, being seen by the right people, but just as importantly, that it’s being created for the right reasons.

Be it through blogs, case studies or social media, our content marketing experts can create informative and encouraging content to customers looking for support, to answer people’s questions, and to meet specific needs relevant to the products or services you provide, strengthening your relationships with your customers and helping you stay relevant.

One week after reading a brand’s educational content, customers are 48% more likely to buy from that brand.

Email Marketing

Social distancing and lockdown laws have prevented us from connecting as we usually would. But marketing and sales is all about connection! Customers today want a more engaging, human relationship with the businesses they choose to buy from, so finding ways to authentically and regularly connect and communicate during this time is critical.

One of the undeniable kings of communication is email marketing. It’s the tool that allows you to reach out directly to customers, and with 59% of people saying that email marketing has an impact on their buying decisions, it’s undoubtedly one of the most effective long-term methods of marketing communication.

As a web marketing agency, the One Stop Media Melbourne team can help you incorporate email marketing into your strategy to reinforce your brand, maintain connections with customers, and keep them informed and engaged at this critical time.

We can coordinate the whole process for you, from designing the layout, to the addition of links and content, we know the ways to generate the most value from your emails.

Optimise your website

The COVID-19 crisis is having a dramatic impact on consumer behaviour. Rather than facing queues and closures, consumers are turning to online shopping to make their purchases.

With these shifts, now is the time to make sure your website is optimised for discoverability and usability, and that you’re featuring the products and services that resonate with your customers today.

Here at One Stop Media, we’re Melbourne’s leading web marketing agency and we’re committed to creating the right impression. We’re experts in web design, UX, Shopify Plus, Magento, WordPress, and engaging landing pages that look great on every screen, from desktop to smartphone.

We specialise in innovative web designs that not only attract people to your website but provide a flawless user experience that builds trust and converts. As well as making your site look good and work well, our SEO experts will optimise your keywords, analyse your content, build relationships and backlinks, and use analytics data to discover opportunities. We provide you with web solutions that boost your online presence, so you can focus on taking care of your business.

How we can help you sell and market in a time of COVID-19

In these challenging times, digital marketing might be the last thing on people’s minds. But to sell and market through COVID-19 and beyond, it has become more important than ever.

At One Stop Media, we’ve got an energetic team of 40+ people, including consultants, analysts, designers, developers and strategists who are ready to help your business succeed. From blog writing to eDMS, social media marketing to web development, we offer expert digital marketing solutions that deliver results.

If you’re looking for a web marketing agency in Melbourne to help sell and market in the time of COVID-19 and beyond, get in touch with the One Stop Media team today: 1300 305 619