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Whilst PPC and SEO serve singular purposes, incorporating them as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy will not only help to attract more traffic to your site, but could give your business that extra boost when it comes to brand recognition and web domination.

It’s no secret in the current marketing landscape that search engines matter. It seems like most strategies are poised around search engine visibility and advertisements and for good reason, with Google reporting they receive over 3.5 billion searches a day. Integrating SEO & PPC may be easier than you think, as they both have the same objective: to drive traffic to your site. While SEO drives traffic by improving your search engine ranking through the use of keywords, PPC refers to a type of advertising that is visible at the top of search engines and as its name suggests, ‘pay per click’, companies only pay for the advertisement when their ad is clicked on.

With the same objective in mind: to increase your brands visibility, making PPC and SEO work harmoniously together could be the missing ingredient to your marketing strategy. Additionally, combining knowledge that you gain from PPC or SEO respectively can further inform your approach. For example, using PPC ads to test out keywords that can be used in your SEO strategy is a great way of tracking keyword success and because PPC only charges per click, it provides a testing platform that is relatively inexpensive as you are only paying for the keywords that garner success. Gathering data is a huge advantage in the digital marketing world. Analysing the metrics from both your SEO and PPC you can gain valuable insights into bounce and exit rates, time spent on your site, click-through rates and overall conversion rates. Although you can obtain this information from SEO and PPC respectively, treating the data received as a collective will give you a much more acute look at what can be improved on your website and implemented in future marketing campaigns.  

Combining PPC & SEO is a strategy that ultimately aims to achieve one thing: dominate search engine results. Often, businesses with a successful SEO strategy will discount the need for PPC with the same keywords used for SEO. Even if your site is appearing at #1 on Google, implementing PPC with the same keyword will increase your brand visibility. Moreover a study conducted by Google found that when search ads for a keyword were paused, 89% of generated traffic were not replaced by organic rankings.

Complimenting your SEO strategy with PPC is another way to convert traffic into sales. If your site is generating traffic due to an effective SEO strategy but struggling to subsequently convert that traffic into sales, then combining SEO with PPC remarketing can work to bring these visitors back to your site to complete their purchase or conversion. This PPC approach works to remind customers about products or services they may have looked at and gives them the opportunity to complete their interaction with the company.

All in all, uniting SEO & PPC will give potential customers two access routes to interact with your business. By using the intel you get from successful and unsuccessful SEO and PPC campaigns you can hone in on formulating targeted PPC ads and SEO simultaneously. With direct and targeted PPC and a high ranking thanks to successful SEO, you have the opportunity to dominate a search page. This not only works to drive traffic and conversions but will dramatically improve your brand’s recognition.

Kmart has successfully applied this mechanism, their combination of PPC and SEO ensures that they dominate a search page while their different meta descriptions gives them the opportunity to present a range of their products.

While their meta descriptions are different, they are also similar enough to convey a brand message that will resonate with potential customers.

Appearing multiple times on a search page works to convey a sense of trust and professionalism to your potential customers and will poise you as an industry leader.

It’s never too late to implement an all-inclusive digital marketing strategy that incorporates SEO and PPC. Having a digital marketing agency behind you that understands the landscape is integral in striking the right balance between the two and being able to interpret data to further evolve your strategy. One Stop Media are at the forefront of the latest in digital marketing strategies and techniques and are committed to delivering tailored solutions that garner real results. Get in touch today to discuss what combining SEO and PPC could do for your businesses visibility.