Home RESOURCES Low Conversion Rates: Consider These Problem Areas
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There are many strategies for increasing traffic to your website in today’s digital age. However, simply increasing your website viewers is ineffective if your conversion rate does not rise. All the impressions and click-through-rates ultimately mean nothing if your browsers do not convert into buyers.  For any digital budget, tangible sales conversions are the most important metric, convincing businesses that a digital presence is worth investing in. For most a measurable success hinges on how well their website converts viewers, so let’s look at a few ways your website is preventing.

Design without Function

The most common problems with websites when businesses design their website to look good or to match their personal preferences. While there is nothing wrong with a well-designed website, if it does not help your customers purchase or find information, it is not serving the business’s conversion goals. There is no point to a pretty website with no function, it might as well be a pretty brochure to look at.

You are guessing and not listening

Businesses frequently forget that, like any other marketing tool, websites work best when they are incorporated into different data analysis and tracking methods. Your website becomes its own data hub, full of information about your customers and their purchasing habits. This also feeds into the second part of this process. Businesses frequently fail to recognise the power of a website to engage their customers in two-way communication. Use chat boxes to increase the power of your sales team and listen to your customer service staff; they are where customers go to complain about an online platform.

Too much Content not enough Value

One of the main things that irritate customers is the lack of valuable content or too much confusing information. If your website does not have a clear call-to-action or goes to extremes, your customers can quickly become confused and disorientated. This increases the ‘bounce’ rate, as customers simply leave for easier alternatives. This also applies to the user experience, if your users are unable to navigate your website or find a pathway to the information they are seeking, they will abandon your site. Clear copy, effective navigation and well-designed website architecture can make the biggest difference to your browsers and ultimately your conversion rate.

Make some changes!

Much like a physical store, customers need to be able to find what they are looking for easily, with helpful customer service and leave with an overall positive experience. If your website cannot perform these tasks, how can it create a high conversion rate?

As a leading SEO company in Melbourne, at One Stop Media, we understand that marketing strategies are only half the goal of developing an online presence and creating profitable conversion rates. If you are unhappy with your current conversion rate but don’t know what to do about it, talk to one of our specialists today and see how simple changes can grow your business online.