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Let’s talk about critical aspects of your online business. Namely, your blog.

How long has it been since you last hit the publish button on your blog page? If it’s been longer than a couple of weeks, you need to read on. We want you to know what you’re missing out on- and why you’re being noticed for all the wrong reasons.

Talk About Your Blog
  • Non-bloggers, the eye is on you. – If you’re paying an agency to get you to rank, and you’ve promised to keep on top of your blog, (because you’re a passionate individual in the industry, right?) then letting it slip is hurting you. You probably already know that-but knowing why, is the clincher for most.
    FTB (Failure to Blog) damages three core components of what a good reputation costs.
  • Know your visibility levels. – Look at it this way. Blogging drives traffic to your site. Without it, you’re basically an unappealing- or invisible link towards the service, product or experience your consumers want. The aim is, to be the highway towards those services, products and experiences, rather than the unsealed, unchartered track.
  • Don’t leave your followers hanging! – Blogging is a great way to build social media presence. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter need you to be active if your business is going to draw much-needed attention, and regular blogging is one of the top ways to magnetise consumer attention. Blogs make fantastic shareable content, and it doesn’t have to be too specific or technical.
  • Show us why you love what you do! – One of the greatest things about blogging is that it offers you a chance to demonstrate why you’re passionate about what you do. Once you’ve got that in writing, use it to convert that traffic into leads. Is that harder than it sounds? No! Simply remember to add a call to action in your blog posts. This is a link to the contact page, a number to call, or a product to purchase. It’s never been easier to create those conversions.

The more you blog, the better you’ll be. While it’s easy to say this when it does take time to blog your way to a greater online presence, let it be known: regular bloggers have authority and it’s about nothing more than dedication. Regular, fresh content is great immediately, but also, over time builds trust and presence and authenticity.

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