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Have an app concept up your sleeve and feel ready to share it with a development team? This can be an exciting – and nervous time for entrepreneurs- your app is a product of an idea you’ve grown from an idea to germination, and there is every reason to prioritise the best outcomes when development is finally on the table.

So how can you ensure your project is responded to in the most effective and productive way? We’ll take a closer look at how to oversee your project to make sure the finished product aligns with your hopes and expectations.

Delivering Expectation.

If you are inexperienced in delivering a professional brief, knowing where to start can be daunting. Basically, the more detailed a brief, the better. Take note though- detailed briefs are full of useful content- they don’t waffle unnecessarily or include information irrelevant to the design factors of the brief. The brief is a space for you to be direct, clear and concise. Introducing filler information will make life more difficult for all parties involved.

Here are a few tips for writing a solid brief.

Your brief should compartmentalize your expectations into 3 main categories. Under each of these categories, you’ll list any sub-expectations. A brief should be a shared document, so you don’t need to have all the answers- your team should provide lots of those too! Signing off on the brief for a project you care about is 100% essential.


Clearly, this is a brief that would be expanded significantly, but you’d begin from here and add all details to consider between parties.

  1. Objectives:
  • What: The final product, for example, an app for helping people track their exercise levels
  • Why: To help those who download the app to build on their progress and join a community of like-minded app users
  • Who: Who is the app aimed at? Age groups and background info projected?
  • How: How do you expect the app to look and perform? Competitive markets, stylistic preferences and expectations are important factors to relay.
  1. Budget/Expected Time spend: Let your team know how much you have to spend – and know your limits.
  2. Deadline: Want your product on time? Give a strong, firm and clear deadline. Don’t be worried about sounding authoritative on a project you want to see soar!

The golden rule for smaller briefs and requests is:

Never give a colleague or a team a verbal brief, regardless of how simple/straightforward the task may appear to you. Why delivering a brief by mouth such a big no-no? The paper trail is one excellent reason, but your time is also another reason. To-and fro-ing between parties wastes time and leaves too much room for mistakes. Being clear is also about being fair- putting things in writing makes everyone accountable!

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