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This year end around, we have come across a lot of changes in features and focus in social media space. The month of November has seen an array of crucial social media updates. While some of these updates are actually beneficial for the users there are others that may be detrimental to the service quality and business matrix of the social media platform. There have been launch of new apps and features, lawsuits and culmination of partnerships. November 2014 has truly been eventful for the social media space. Here we would have a quick look at the 10 social media updates in November 2014.

Top Social Media Updates


For Facebook November 2014 has been more eventful than any other social media brands. In this month Facebook has decided to censor content that are ‘over promotional’ in character. This is obviously in sync with the company’s long time focus in creating better user value of the contents. Promotional maneuvers like contests, giveaways, etc. are still ok as long as your published content just conforms to the new Facebook parameters. This censorship to ‘over promotional’ content is going to take effect from January, next year. Another major update from Facebook has been its new News Feed settings feature that allows users to drop anyone from the follow list without disliking or un-friending him. Another major update from Facebook has been its newly launched standalone Group app. This would help you to receive push notifications for all Group related features and for finding new groups.


For some time Twitter was considering to overhaul some features by introducing some really effective elements. The new Timeline and enhanced search from Twitter ultimately destined to be valuable for the users. Twitter has decided in this month to offer a complete makeover of user experience concerning the timeline of its content. The real time timeline of Twitter’s updates are from now going to be controlled algorithmically very similar to the News Feed of Facebook. Another major change that has been initiated by this social media giant is that the entire index of public tweets since 2006 is now searchable. This makes the robust Twitter search more complete.


For the ardent Instagram fans there are some great updates that can add more value to the user experience. You can now edit the captions without deleting photos and start all over again. This feature was added following the overwhelming demand from the Instagram community for some time. The search function of Instagram has also been enhanced to a great extent.


LinkedIn as we all know is a social media for professionals to stay connected with the prospective employees and employers. But a recent legal suit came as a blow to this social media platform for professionals. Recently 4 users filed a suit against LinkedIn alleging that the company actually cost them job opportunities.


Snapchat introduced a new app called Snapcash that will make it possible for the users to exchange currency. The new feature came following Snapchat’s partnership with mobile credit card reader brand Square.

Most of these updates across major social platforms would obviously make social sharing easier and richer in more ways than one. These updates which are mostly to take effect from the coming year would actually help to propel growth and traffic for these social platforms.