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Today’s consumer is no lay about. In the age of online endorsements, social media marketing, and highly transferrable data, the good news is this: consumers know better than ever how to find you. And, it’s easier than ever to get your brand out there. The bad news? It’s a rough ocean. And you’re fighting against it 90% of the time.

Your market moves fast, and to ensure your brand retains reachability, you need to move fast too.

How? Hold tight while we cross a few of the basics regarding brand maintenance in 2018.

  • Know thy customer base.

One of the most confronting questions you can as a business owner is “do you know what your customers want right now?”. Why? Because it’s a challenge that can’t always be met. It’s a common thing for business to become the only objective when problem-solving was the way the business emerged. Staying in touch with your customers is about

  • Pop on your finest budgeting cap.

If you’re thinking about campaign possibilities, you’re probably already thinking about where to reign in costs. Let us say this one time, really loud: NEVER PUT ALL YOUR EGGS (read, $$$) IN ONE BASKET (project). Dispersing your budget accordingly, across a range of quality, considered campaigns, gives you a much better chance of success. It’s too risky to lump it all on the back of one campaign and have no reserve or side-hustles to do the work- take our word for it.

  • Understand Social Media

If you’re a modern business owner without Facebook, you’re probably one of two things: a) Lucky b) Just skating by. Social media pages for businesses are increasingly important and even if you’re still eschewing or disputing their relevancy in this day and age, be warned: the most effective, aggressive and successful campaigns are reaching people who do business the same way as you right now- the only difference is, that they’re visible where you aren’t. Stop wondering about Social Media presence- start developing it.

  • Get close to your team

If you’re a business owner, you’re probably flat chat all the time- up early, home late, just enough time for family and friends – or not enough at all. A team that knows brand relevancy is high on your list of priorities will be less likely to overlook issues and topics that arise and are relevant to your values. Do your team know explicitly what you expect of them? Could they list your values off the top of their heads? If not- change that. You want to put time aside- even just a little every day- to build up morale in a team who know how to raise the score and hold the forte when you need time for yourself too.

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