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Here are the facts you need to know  

What is digital advisory?

A digital advisory relationship is a collaboration between you, the business owner, and us, the digital marketing agency. You will have a digital advisor designated to you, who will be your guide to the world of data. At One Stop Media, we’re a data-driven digital marketing agency. We use data, with all its insights into your customer behaviour, to shape our decision-making process. Business owners can often be stuck in the trap of making decisions based on furtive and temporary gut instincts. But when you see the numbers, the informed choice is clear.

How can it help your business?

Having a successful business is in large part due to making sound decisions. If you don’t have accurate data to base decisions on, then you are in a bad place. All you can do is cross your fingers and hope for the best. But this approach isn’t good enough in a competitive marketplace. If you want to have an edge in business, you need digital advisory. Working with a company like our digital marketing agency, you will suddenly become clear on your business objectives, where you want to go, and when. You will have transparent signposts and metrics to ascertain if your digital strategy is paying off quickly. At One Stop Media, we’re all about turning on the light and providing illuminating data that helps you understand what helps and what doesn’t for your business.

What’s the process? 

1 – Alignment

The purpose of digital advisory is to align your business objectives with your digital strategy. This alignment is the secret sauce that allows you to obtain sky-high ROI when the good times are rolling. When they’re not, our digital marketing agency puts in place a defensive approach to help your business keep market share, no matter what the marketplace is doing.

2 – Planning

Planning is integral to a successful digital advisory service. Once our digital marketing agency finalises your business objectives, we need to create a plan to get where we want to go. The business objectives give us a direction, and around that, we wrap our digital strategy, which is planned out one month at a time.

3 – Implementation

After creating a plan, we can start implementing it. Each of our team members at our digital marketing agency knows what they need to get done to bring your strategy to life, whether they are a copywriter, a designer, or a digital advisor. Our seamless workflow process lets us keep important weekly objectives top of mind.

4 – Collaboration  

Digital advisory is an ongoing process. It doesn’t stop, ever. We maintain a feedback loop where we go through these four steps constantly, with the development of new, flexible strategies in response to real-time data. Your collaboration with our digital marketing agency is renewed every month at our strategy meetings, where we put the numbers under scrutiny and make sure our plan is panning out.

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What are the benefits of digital advisory?

Basing decisions on facts

When you invest in a digital advisory service like the one at our digital marketing agency, you start making decisions on objective facts because you now have those facts at your fingertips. There will be no more second-guessing or deciding things on a whim. Your choices will be informed by metrics that show you precisely what is happening in your business.

Monthly strategy check-ins 

How do you ensure you are on the right track with your digital agency’s strategy? The answer is that you keep an eye on the data and schedule monthly meetings to review what’s happening in your business. When you work with One Stop Media, you get a specific person assigned to you, known as your digital advisor, who is all about helping you reach your business goals through digital marketing strategy.

Collaboration that nets you results

There’s a saying that “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts,” which means that by collaborating, you can do more things, which can have a more significant positive impact on your business. It’s hard doing things alone, but you are never alone when you have a digital advisor to accompany you on the journey.

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Are you looking for a digital marketing agency that knows its numbers? 

At One Stop Media, we reverse engineer your digital strategy based on your business plan, and we always have our fingers in the pulse of your business. We know our numbers, and we share them with you every month. If you’d like to work with a transparent digital agency that is in your corner, contact us today.