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The Australian business landscape has changed radically in the past couple of months due to the coronavirus pandemic. The majority of news stories concern businesses struggling and laying off employees. However, some types of businesses are uniquely suited to the COVID-19 crisis, and are thriving in these challenging times.

Online businesses that help people ‘socially distance’ themselves from others, and those that offer a source of entertainment and connection are primary examples. Here’s a list of the types of online businesses that are seeing business boom during the coronavirus pandemic.


eCommerce has grown exponentially as consumers shun physical stores and crowded malls to do their shopping online. Big eCommerce companies such as Amazon have already added hundreds of thousands of new jobs to manage the extra demand. Even our day-to-day shopping has shifted to digital channels.

This switch has led to the need for attractive and effective eCommerce websites. For an eCommerce website to work for your business, it needs to be user-friendly and attractive to buyers. Visitors will only exchange their credit card details for your products and services if they feel confident in the shopping experience. As an online marketing company, our focus at One Stop Media is on achieving conversions. This means developing a cutting-edge eCommerce solution that will maximise your sales and help your online business thrive through COVID-19 and beyond.

Online influencers

The coronavirus has emphasised the power of the influencer as audiences crave authenticity, connection and an escape. Amidst the lockdowns, typical consumer behaviour has shifted. People have more time on their hands, and we’re turning to the web for everything from learning new skills to keeping fit and staying entertained. Even the World Health Organisation is using influencers to source donations for its COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

Quality content will always reign supreme. But making sure that content reaches the right audiences and is promoted in the most effective way possible is the key to online marketing success. At One Stop Media we’ve invested a great deal of time and resources into cultivating productive relationships with key online influencers, publishers, bloggers and opinion leaders to get high quality backlinks and brand mentions that drive real results. Our clients choose our online marketing company to make sure their message gets maximum visibility and endorsement by the right opinion leaders.

Video streaming

People are seeking out more entertainment or news content than ever before. YouTube in particular has seen a surge in viewers that are looking for useful and meaningful content as we all spend more time at home. From live events to humour, fitness and cooking, people feel that YouTube is helping to entertain, educate and inspire them.

This inventory increase means we’ve also seen a decrease in typical CPMs for this highly-engaged audience. At One Stop Media our video content experts pride themselves on supporting and consulting with our clients at every stage of the development of video content. From testimonials to event videos, advertising to live streams, as a leading online marketing company in Melbourne, we can help you create a YouTube Marketing strategy that will reach the right audience in this high-quality environment. Considering 78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% view online videos every day, now’s the time to incorporate YouTube into your online marketing strategy.

How we can help your online business thrive amidst the coronavirus pandemic

Not all businesses have been negatively impacted by the global pandemic. The biggest winners are online-oriented businesses. During this economic gloom and doom, those who have embraced the digital economy and implemented more digital tactics—from online stores to video content and engaging the right influencers—are finding themselves ahead of their competitors and thriving.

With a resolved focus on our clients, the team at One Stop Media help businesses invest in the right digital marketing solutions. If you’re looking for an online marketing company in Melbourne to help your business prosper amidst COVID-19, get in touch with the One Stop Media team today on: 1300 305 619