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So you’re up to date with the important and potential plough of a great email marketing campaign, but you’re not exactly certain of what to do to avoid ending up in the DNO folder? We understand. Email marketing campaigns are slippery beasts- to be honest, a great email marketing campaign has to achieve one objective: they should manipulate the reader- but capitalise on the fine art of doing this in a way that is enticing, rather than repellent.

So what should you absolutely avoid when it comes to email marketing for best results? Here’s what you absolutely should not do;

Outdated Mail Lists

our database of customers might be huge, but if you don’t know it inside out, if it’s full of silent participants, dead mail addresses, or hasn’t been updated for ease-of-use, then you’re inviting trouble. Never, ever use an old email list version as you risk the event of dealing with un-subscribers. It usually comes down to a lack of organisation when you find that your mailing list is out of date. Time for a clean up?

The one-size-fits all approach

When it comes to an email marketing campaign with deep reach, you’re going to be scratching your head for a long time if you’re trying to reach everybody all at once, the same way. Newsflash: you can’t reach everyone that well, that easily. Ensuring that your content is targeted for the groups you send it to is down to how well you segment the smaller groups within your customer base. For example, you would need to consider the engagement histories and demographics in order to effectively target your recipients.

A Good Preview process

We’re all busy, but failing to review your mail-out can result in your being a whole lot busier – or not busy at all. One of the most effective among them is investing in a good mailing protocol that includes a preview text tool which highlights the meatiest part of the content in your email.

A poorly managed mailing schedule

If your mailing schedule leaves no room for customers to process what you’ve offered, you’ve labelled yourself a perfect fit for the spam box. It’s a huge mistake to think that your customers will respond well to emails that are sent too often, and it’s one of the most effective ways of getting a customer to unsubscribe.

Unsubscribe mazes

If your campaign has done what you wished it really wouldn’t and caused a customer to unsubscribe, there’s one last nail in the coffin you can potentiate, for your relationship and that is, making them run an unsubscribe obstacle course. Make it simple, and straightforward.This isn’t the place to try and retain a subscriber- it is, though, the place to learn from your mistakes!

If you want to find out what a great email marketing campaign can do for you, but you’re not sure about how to approach it, why not talk to one of our experts about email marketing the right way today? One Stop Media are proud to offer our first rate services to customers all over Australia, Let’s see what we can do for you! Call us on 1300 305 619 today.