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Website user experience: The impact on your business

Believe it or not, the look, functionality, and feel of your website profoundly impact not only your digital marketing return on investment (ROI) but the success of your business as a whole. In a previous article, we covered the importance of UX design. In this article, however, we’ll dive deeply into user experience (UX) design and its impact on your business. As a respected and distinctive digital marketing agency in Melbourne, at One Stop Media, we can help you improve your website’s UX design. This will positively impact your business performance, allowing you to move closer to your business objectives. 

The bottom line

We don’t waste time at One Stop Media when assessing business performance. Whenever we onboard a new client, we seek information about their business history as well as their future prospects. Part of this fact-seeking mission is to determine the client’s business objectives, as these will help us measure our success as a leading digital marketing agency in Melbourne. We also draw up a brief designed to meet the client’s business objectives for every project or task we take on. That way, we know we are on track. So, if a client’s business objective is to grow revenue by X in 12 months, we need to determine what digital marketing objectives will help meet that goal. If a client wants to generate more website traffic or leads, then improving their UX design will be on our agenda. This whole process comes under our unique digital advisory service. 

How better UX design helps your business

There are several ways that improved UX design on your website can help you achieve your business performance goals:

Make ecommerce seamless

The last thing you want to do when a customer is trying to buy from you is to frustrate them with an illogical or drawn-out checkout process. Yet this is precisely what many brands do if they don’t hire a digital marketing agency in Melbourne to create a user-friendly website. Many first-time customers will leave your website if it takes too long to load or is too annoying to navigate, discarding products in their shopping cart. But it can be a different way. Improved UX design allows your ecommerce website to flow seamlessly, encouraging repeat purchases.

Encourage brand loyalty

If you want your customers to like you and be loyal to you, you need to have qualities they will appreciate. Make it easy for them to buy from you, and make the process a good experience for your customers. Navigating your website quickly and easily will go a long way to helping your customers develop a liking for your brand. Once they like what you do and what you stand for, they will be more likely to recommend you to their friends and family. Remember that successful UX design encompasses appealing aesthetics and website functionality. 

Boost conversions

Do you know what the secret is to boost conversions? You need to create an online environment where people like spending their time. If your website is so ugly, confusing, or slow to load that people want to jump out of there ASAP, then you will have little to no time to convert those visitors into paying customers. Also, studies show that it can take at least eight touch-points with a brand before a potential customer buys something. So your website needs assets to help bring awareness of your brand to new customers, like resource (blog) articles that can provide timely answers to their questions about your product or niche. Creating a user-friendly website makes it an ideal place your customers will want to be. 

Make the most of your digital assets with One Stop Media

We see your website as having more importance than you might think. It’s a digital asset, an investment in your brand that, if done well, can pay off year after year. Any digital marketing agency in Melbourne with integrity will tell you that UX design is critical in today’s business landscape.

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