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The benefit of digital advisory services for your campaigns

Data-driven marketing is when a digital marketing agency makes decisions based on insights that come from data analysis. This data offers a potential understanding of customer preferences and online trends, significantly influencing how profitable a marketing campaign stands to be. 

A data-driven marketing approach is becoming increasingly popular. However, you will still find some agencies working in the dark ages and ignoring the vast quantities of data available to them. There are so many media channels operating these days that you can’t afford to make crucial decisions without the data to back them up. 

We let the data guide our decisions at One Stop Media rather than a vague gut feeling. Our digital advisory services always make use of data to guide our suggestions. You can rely on data. It’s quantifiable, measurable, and gives you a real insight into your customers’ behaviour. 

Read on to learn more about data-driven marketing.

The benefits of data-driven marketing 

There is just so much messaging out there that consumers are becoming pickier when it comes to the content they will interact with. Data-driven marketing increases the success of marketing campaigns by making content more relevant to the target audience. 

Effective marketing based on data is what our digital advisory services are all about, and it is also what will propel your results forwards. If your goal is to cause your target audience to take action (complete a conversion goal), then data-driven marketing is an essential ally. 

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from data-driven marketing: 

Improved customer experience 

A great customer experience is vital for visitor retention, engagement, and sales. The consumer profiles marketers use in data-driven campaigns make their content more targeted and more effective. Personalisation, enabled by clever use of customer data, helps to forge trust between consumers and brands. Studies have found that personalised marketing campaigns can expect to achieve 5-8 times the ROI of the investment.

Better use of resources 

Do you know where you are wasting your advertising budget? By being data-driven, our digital advisory services offer complete transparency for better use of your advertising dollar. Our marketing tools help us discover where you are getting the greatest ROI on your marketing campaigns, so you know what to double down on. Using attribution models, we evaluate customer journeys from awareness to purchase, gaining helpful insights.

Pertinent content for your audience 

Bad content is irrelevant content. But with data-driven marketing, you get a thorough understanding of a target audience’s preferences in terms of visuals, copy, and content type. It’s crucial to deliver the right message to your intended audience, and with the knowledge that data-driven campaigns utilise, you can be sure that what you’re saying will hit the spot. 

Often there is a misalignment between a brand’s content and what its audience is interested in. Don’t make that mistake. Our digital advisory services review your statistics every month, keeping tabs on your results and learning from them every step of the way. We check to see what messaging resonates with your audience so we know what to do more of and what to do less of to stretch your budget further.

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Decisions grounded in data 

It is always better to decide something based on the available data than on gut instinct. This is because current emotions or conflicts of interest can colour gut instinct. Data doesn’t lie. What it does do, is provide objective insights into customer behaviour. A theory is just an idea of what is occurring, whereas data tell you in practice what is happening. 

You always want to guide your decisions with the hard data on how people react to your marketing message. We make data a large part of our digital advisory services because focusing on data works.

Get effective data-driven campaigns with help from One Stop Media 

If you’re looking for ways to get more from your marketing budget, you need to investigate data-driven marketing. It’s the way we do things here at One Stop Media, always looking at the stats before we form our theories as part of our digital advisory services. We are here to support you in making the best marketing decisions you can take, and data is an essential aspect of that quest.

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