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What to expect from Social Media Trends in 2019:

By now, the role of social media in your hardline business strategy should have made itself evident. Without social media to fuel engagement,  2019 may be a lonely year- let’s look at some of the ways we’ll be supercharging it with social media interactions!

The constant evolution of social media means that you need a social media manager to remain in charge of the game at all times. The Top 3, ever evolving and absolute social media powerhouse areas we discuss below will require lots of immersive understanding, but you can rest assured, with the right social media management, they’;; get the results you truly deserve.

Video Content

Did you know that the brain processes images 600,000 times faster than written content? That alone should change your mind if you are avoiding the pressing trends associated with video content. In 2019, we should all be thinking about innovative ways to produce high quality video content that is versatile and engaging.

Where to start: If you’ve never made an in house video before, all you need is a smart phone, a neutral background and a professional outset. Start with a brief intro and post it to all your social media platforms- don’t forget to ask about which topics your viewers want information on- it’s a great way to get a conversation started.


89% of consumers are happy to deal completely with their purcahses and queries without ever talking to a human. This won’t startle everyone, but if you are surprised, then it’s important to find out exactly what a chatbot is capable of. There’s never been a more efficient, effective way of managing out of hours, complex requests previously left for the business owner to manage when they could be focusing on the important things, like business growth. Chatbot tech takes an immense amount of pressure off. You can read more about how we manage our chatbot solutions.

Influencer Marketers

They aren’t going anywhere- but the pressure on influencers to improve their transparency and accountability is at an all time high. Australia is a little slow on the uptake around social media influencing laws but we anticipate that this year, the girdle will be tightened on paid advertising and that new laws will be introduced to improve authenticity in the way influencers promote products. Stay tuned!

Are you excited to find out more about Social Media marketing in 2019 is set to pan out? Our team of experts are happy to answer any questions you may have. For more information, talk to the team at One Stop Media today on 1300 305 619.