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A digital marketing strategy. What is it? How do I start? Why isn’t mine working? How can I fix it?

These are all questions we can answer here at One Stop Media. We are passionate about optimisation, creativity, collaborative thinking and work and we are determined to deliver only the best results when it comes to conceptualising the perfect digital marketing strategy for you.

So what is a digital marketing strategy? In the grand scheme of things, a digital marketing strategy (DMS) is a set of tactics, methods, ideas and proposals that go toward creating a broad plan of your can best market and showcase your business to reach your goals and help you business achieve its full potential.

So with that answered, we move into how to start. At One Stop Media we have a heavy focus on content marketing strategy to begin with crafting the best marketing strategy for your business. Our services involve content writing, SEO, analytics and social media development to name a few.

Our services are designed to enhance brand awareness and usually that is a very important step toward achieving an excellent digital marketing strategy. We work collaboratively with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied with every concept, strategy, idea and proposal.


You’ve been putting in the time, money and effort into building your brand or business and a digital marketing strategy and can’t seem to bring in any business, there’s a decline in brand awareness and you’re not seeing many positive results.

Here’s what you could be doing wrong:

  • Lack of content: Content creating is a must! It is still a concept in the making, however it is one of the most beneficial to a business’s growth. Content adds detail and promotes any goods or services you provide in new and innovative ways.
  • No target market: If you haven’t determined who you are intending to target in terms of audience demographic, then you probably haven’t had that much luck having a strong reach.
  • Your social media platforms are inactive: You should be realistically posting and sharing content every day. YEP! Every day! If you haven’t been posting as often, it’s no wonder why you aren’t having many positive results and interactions!
  • Bad SEO: Posting too much on your website that’s a little spammy and not really communicative? Just a whole bunch of numbers and information being thrown at your audience? Being disorganised in this area can impact your strategy and business negatively!
  • Good things take time: Developing a digital marketing strategy that you want to be 100% effective won’t just happen in one day. If you haven’t been dedicating time to constructing well thought out plans and ideas to better your business reach then you won’t see results!
  • Influencer outreach: Are you not collaborating with dedicated people? Focussing on quantity over quality? Want instant results the easy way? This isn’t the way to go if you want long-term gains and a positive response!

Marketing Strategy

Now, how can I go about fixing my digital marketing strategy so I can begin to see results? At One Stop Media we are committed to taking you through the digital marketing process as efficiently as possible, covering all aspects and providing you with our variety of services that are best suited to your business and its needs.

Here’s how we can help you go about working toward creating a better digital marketing strategy:

  • SEO: Having a better SEO management team will be extremely beneficial in helping your business’s website become more user friendly. SEO helps determine and create quality keywords suited to your business and it’s desired reach. By doing this, your business will become highly visible in any search engine once you are looked up online and you will be easily identifiable.​
  • Content writing and marketing: This is an extremely crucial part of developing a strong digital marketing strategy. It is all about putting the right information out there that is easy to engage with and highly communicative and targeting the right audience. We have the skill, determination and knowledge on how to best word, craft and create a variety of information and content suited to your business and effective in bringing in audiences, results and engaging conversation.
  • Developing your social media: Remaining highly active on social media will be extremely beneficial to your business’s growth and reach. We put in the time and effort into walking you through positively developing and increasing activity on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and more. We assist with furthering the awareness around your brand through creative online marketing strategy and the more time you put into social media development the better the outcomes will be.
  • Web design: Allowing our web design team of professionals to help you create and design an eye-catching website with relevant features and prompts will leave a lasting impression on anyone who visits your site. Our team of web designers and developers work toward helping you bring the visual approach into play with a stylistic and creative approach to keep your brand looking approachable and welcoming.
  • Pay-per-click (PPC): Through the establishment of keywords through SEO, we continue to customise the highest ranking keywords and add them into any online advertisement or search titles to increase reach and higher click bait results to optimise your business’s success in the long term.

At One Stop Media, we offer a variety of services covering many aspects, both creative, digital and analytical. We thrive on working collaboratively with you, taking you through the developmental phase step by step to ensure that you are completely satisfied. Our team of specialists offer content advice, strategies, design and marketing approaches to every business we look after in ways that will benefit them, both now, and in the long-term.

If you would like to learn more about One Stop Media, our services or how we could help you better your digital marketing strategy, please feel free to call us on: 1300 305 619