Search Engine by Apple – Will it Demolish Google

Search Engine by Apple

Watch out for “Spotlight”, a new search engine being launched by Apple that is sure to give Google a run for its money, if not overwhelm it. Spotlight is of course not new to iPhone or Mac users, it’s been on their devices for quite some time now!

To industry insiders and people in the know, the juggernaut of Google will soon grind to a halt, thanks to the launch of Spotlight. The till now unthinkable will soon become a reality. But why is this transformation taking place?

The irony of the matter is that search ads, the golden goose of Google will be behind their downfall. There has been no improvement on this front and “paid inclusions” have taken control. “Paid inclusions” are really ads which visitors to a site mistake as content.

Consider these facts –

  • Search on Google your desktop on any subject. See the number of ads that pop up before you. Your screen will be bristling with them.
  • Google does not camouflage this aspect. “AD” and “SPONSORED” logos are liberally sprinkled everywhere but in barely noticeable fonts!
  • Google used to highlight ads with a different background colour, now the notes are getting smaller. Result? Most users do not know they are clicking on ads.

Now – Search without Ads

While Google is pounding down users with more than 90% of search results filled with ad links, search engine “Spotlight” by Apple is all about clean ad-free content. Hit COMMAND-SPACE on your desktop or “slide down” on the home screen on your phone and Spotlight appears before your eyes. Search on any subject and you get results without ads, without logos…just pure content. Definitely a refreshing change from Google search engine results!

Spotlight is constantly evolving into a feature rich product with regular upgrades from Apple. At the recently held World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) the latest update was “deep link searching in apps.” Search on a specific point band you are redirected to an app where you get more information than you bargained for. Google doesn’t even come into the picture. Another update by Apple has been the basic math in the search bar. Google of course has it since 2008.

Where did it all start?

Long time back, Steve Jobs found that Google was planning to enter the phone business. Taken aback, he had said, “We did not enter the search business. They entered the phone business. Make no mistake they want to kill the iPhone. We won’t let them”.

And now Tim Cook is giving it back by entering the search engine business. And by making Spotlight an ad-free search engine and a part of Apple’s Operating System, he plans to make a dent of at least 10% in Google’s search engine operations in the USA within the next 3 years. Now that’s something!

Also, by putting search into the core of mobile phones and desktops the need to go into a search site as is eliminated thereby saving valuable time.

Moreover, Apple has assured that any personal information will not be stored and used anywhere. This is in direct contrast to Google’s ridiculous privacy policy which includes tracking all movements made online and even scouring emails.

In a nutshell, Spotlight promises a free search literally – ad-free and data-collection free.

However, Apple might yet have a few surprises in store. Getting a relevant domain name like and making a web based search engine is one of them.

Google’s comeuppance

Shortly after they went public, Google started flooding their search pages with ads. And with it came intolerance for the system, for competitors and a “win it all” mentality. This has led to a situation where they have slipped off their carefully cultivated pedestal and are now no longer treated as demigods. In fact, they are facing a tide of resentment from a growing rights-conscious consumer segment.

Google has failed to treat their constituents right. Their cannot-do-wrong attitude has fallen flat on its face. And this is where Tim Cook has taken up the slack. Google has been dubbed as an evil successor to Microsoft, a charge that they are finding it extremely difficult to brush off given the intensity of the frontal attack launched by Apple through their ad-free search engine “Spotlight”.

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