Search Engine Optimization of Responsive Web Design

Do you think that all responsive web designs are SEO friendly? Then you may be living in a fool’s paradise! While some of the responsive sites may indeed be friendly to the search engines extending the exceptions to a general rule may prove to be fatal. Again, when it comes to optimization, simple manipulation of algorithms for getting the short-term boost in rankings will not do. The requirements are much deeper and a thorough consideration is desirable for ensuring long-term success.

Ever since Ethan Marcotte introduced this concept in 2010, responsive web design has been constantly growing in popularity. What with originally just a neat concept has today has evolved into a popular practice and essential strategy. This is especially because estimates predict that in 2014 internet use related to the mobile device will far surpass desktop use.

Search engine optimisation for responsive websites works as an added benefit making it highly desirable in various scenarios. Responsive sites with a single URL and same HTML so it makes it easy for the search engines index, organize, and crawl the content. Besides, it also aids optimisation.

This is how it works.


People who liked your website content on the desktop may return to it through their mobile devices. However, if you have a shorter limited content on this platform at may deter the visitors can get them to other sites. Google will take note of this fact and your website rankings will follow automatically. There are no such risks involved with responsive sites because the user experience remains the same whichever device they may choose to view your content.

Benefit from mobile specific rankings

Do you know Google ranks responsive sites higher in their mobile specific rankings? This is another reason to switch to this version without fail. This in turn helps you in successful link building, which will propel the site ranks further.

Link buildings

One of the important parts of SEO is proper link building. In responsive design, links related to the desktop website remain available to your mobile site as well. This will stead you well while competing for specifically mobile visitors. Naturally, your business gets the edge it requires over your competitors with higher search engine rankings.

No problems with duplicate content

With separate versions for mobile and desktop or those related to different mobile devices on the web difficulties may arise in relation to duplicate content. This bodes ill for search engine optimisation and resultantly your site rankings fail. Responsive designs take care of this easily as now you will have only one site on the World Wide Web.

The above optimization features of responsive sites make them highly desirable. Additionally, you should ensure that your website falls true to different search engine optimisation, norms as well to get the best results. This includes,

  1. Presence of proper indexing: Your website needs to be visible in the index of the search engines for people to find it. You can verify this through ‘site:’ searches or on Webmaster Tools on Google.
  2.  How crawlable is the website: As mentioned before, indexing websites are extremely important for visibility, but Google needs to crawl your site for indexing. You can check this by running various website crawlers and get an SEO audit to know your standing vis-a-vis Google.
  3. Readability of content: JavaScript or Flash enablement and presence of images are quite good, but when it comes to Google searches only the text is relevant. Webmaster Guidelines state that your site content should be information rich and useful with accurate and clear descriptions. Also, the crawler is unable to recognize text presented in image format.

As you can see, responsive web design surely its search engine optimisation but it can never replace the same. So if you are ignoring the latter, it’s high time to change your tactics. As a premier SEO company, One Stop Media caters all your needs of SEO for responsive website.

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