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Is your website optimised for the internet, or is it hiding in the shadows of the web while your competitors are reaching out to your customers? Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the concept you need to adapt to connect with customers in Melbourne and the rest of Australia. Without exceptions, every agency requires a tailored SEO marketing strategy to be successful in the modern digital marketplace.

Most of your online traffic comes from a consumer’s search and your ranking score. At One Stop Media, our agency experts have the expertise to show you how to convert browsers into buyers and meet your short-term and long-term goals.

While other digital marketing agencies place their focus on impressions and traffic, we concentrate on making actual dollars for your company. Our optimisation experts are on-hand in Melbourne to develop an SEO strategy that noticeably grows your business.

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Our Approach to
an Effective SEO Strategy


Our agency procedure always begins with comprehensive research. Market research is the foundation of any campaign run by an SEO agency, so we analyse your website structure and success, before investigating your industry. A professional local SEO company should always understand your business model and values before embarking on an SEO campaign.

We collect local industry information through survey data and competitor ranks, reverse-engineering your competitors to determine their strengths and weaknesses. Then, we can determine how well your company website is performing against specific competitors and the industry average. Afterwards, our SEO consultant can move onto the next step in the optimisation process.


After collating all research, we go on to develop data-driven strategies to grow your company. As a top SEO company, we offer some of the best search engine optimisation in Australia. Using our knowledge as official Google partners, our SEO experts utilise a variety of different optimisation tactics to gain an advantage over your competitors in Melbourne, Sydney and beyond.

Based in Melbourne, we analyse local search trends specific to your location. Our local SEO services are specific to Australia and your area. We research location-specific trends and build a paid and organic search engine optimisation strategy for your Melbourne or Sydney firm.

Our SEO experts use their research to optimise your content to create relevant search results for Google to increase your organic ranking in Melbourne, Sydney or all of Australia. We increase your search authority through vital tactics such as tailored link-building strategies.


When planning is complete, our in-house SEO expert takes action. We endeavour to get results as soon as possible, without compromising on quality. The success of your company is our priority, so when we launch your campaign, we’re confident that you will soon be seeing the results you want.

We don’t stop with the initial campaign. At One Stop Media, we go the extra mile to deliver professional local SEO services to Melbourne and Sydney companies, as your ongoing SEO partner. We continually monitor your results, adjusting and tweaking your company to ensure your receive the best value for money. With consistent tailoring of the optimisation process, we attract your ideal customers to increase your company’s profits.

SEO Agency That Brings You Traffic and Leads

Not every agency is equal. Google is continually updating their ranking formula, and regular releases of new algorithms can restrict what makes an effective ranking strategy. The traditional “cookie-cutter” approach to search engine optimisation no longer works. It essential for a digital agency to be updated on these changes.

We tailor your campaign to both your business and the industry in which you operate.

The quality of our services set us apart from other SEO companies in Australia, as we work side-by-side with our customers to get you to know you and your company’s specific needs. Our tried and tested steps to cover all critical aspects to achieve the best conversion rates and are always personalised to your unique requirements. We provide tracking services to determine how your viewers operate and the best method to keep them from immediately leaving or ‘bouncing’.

Not too sure where to start? Talk to our SEO experts located in Melbourne about what packages are right to get your company on track to better SEO marketing strategy.

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