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Search engine optimisation (SEO)

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Are you Google Ready? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is vital to any business success, so we use the best tactics to deliver you the best results.


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Are you Optimised for the Internet?

Search engines are the most common way to connect companies with local customers in Australia and throughout the world. Once, Search Engine Optimisation in Australian business centres like Melbourne and Sydney was considered an added bonus, but not essential to a business’s ROI. Today, lacking a tailored SEO marketing strategy is one of the main reasons businesses fail. The majority of consumers search online before making a purchase, with most of a website’s traffic depending on the search ranking score.

For everyone with a website, this means local SEO services are vitally important. Whether your business has been operating for years or is a brand new start-up, it could benefit from an injection of SEO marketing strategy from an experienced agency to stimulate growth and sales.

Having an experienced local SEO company in competitive markets like Sydney and Melbourne can mean the difference between meeting your monthly goals or going under. Most inexperienced corporate agencies focus on achieving impressions and traffic, increasing the number of people viewing your website. Growing traffic is great; however, the impact is lost if your viewers do not translate into actual dollars for your company. That’s where our optimisation experts come in.

At One Stop Media, we are determined to convert browsers into buyers.

An experienced approach to SEO in Melbourne

As one of the top SEO companies in Australia, we tailor your campaign to both your business and the industry you operate. The quality of our services sets us apart from other SEO companies in Australia, as we work hand-in-hand with our customers to get to know you and your company’s specific needs.

To ensure we fully cover all the important aspects and achieve the best conversion rates, we follow three steps. The steps give you the edge over your competition so local browsers see you first and become your customers.


The first step is always research. At One Stop Media, we believe market research is the foundation of any campaign by an SEO agency. We thoroughly analyse your website structure and success before thoroughly investigating your industry. Any local SEO company worth its salt will take the time to thoroughly understand your business model, values and team.

We focus on collecting local industry information through survey data and competitor ranks, reverse-engineering your competitors to determine their strengths and weakness. When all the information is gathered, only then can we determine how well your company website is performing against your specific competitors and the industry average. Only once your SEO consultant knows you better than you know yourself will we move onto the next step in the optimisation process.


After collating all the research, we develop data-driven strategies to build you and your company. As a top SEO company, we offer some of the best search engine optimisation in Australia. Using our knowledge as official Google partners, our SEO experts utilise a variety of different optimisation tactics to gain an advantage over your competitors in Melbourne, Sydney and beyond.

Based in Melbourne, we analyse local search trends specific to our client’s location. Our local SEO services are specific to Australia and tailored to Australian searches. Whether a client is local to us or in a major city like Sydney, Perth, Brisbane or Adelaide, we will research location-specific trends and build a paid and organic search engine optimisation strategy for your Melbourne or Sydney firm.

After thorough research by SEO experts, our specialists optimise your content to create relevant search results for Google and increase your organic ranking in Melbourne, Sydney or all of Australia. We also develop effective link building strategies for your specific industry, increasing your search authority.


We are huge fans of planning, but it doesn’t take an SEO expert to know that strategizing is useless without action. Results are what matters, so we endeavour to reach the point of execution as soon as possible without compromising on quality. The success of your company is our priority, as it is a reflection of the professionalism and effectiveness of our services. We launch your campaign, confident that you will soon be seeing results.

We don’t just stop with the initial campaign. At One Stop Media, we go the extra mile to deliver professional local SEO services to Melbourne and Sydney companies. We continually monitor your results, adjusting your campaign to ensure you receive the best value for your money and tailoring the optimisation process to attract your ideal customer.

Not All SEO companies in Australia are Equal

Google is continually updating their ranking formula, and the recent releases of Panda and Penguin algorithms have further restricted what makes an effective ranking strategy. Good organic strategy isn’t intuitive and it’s not just something you can leave to chance. A professional SEO consultant knows the tools and methods for developing a winning SEO marketing strategy.

We create fluid strategies that adapt to changes in the industry and Google’s algorithms to maintain your top ranking positions. At One Stop Media, we know the old traditional ‘cookie cutter’ method of search engine optimisation does not work anymore. In the past, an old school SEO services company would have flooded websites with ‘keywords’ to artificially inflate their Google rank. Today those same methods result in harsh Google Penalties.

The new algorithms required SEO companies, both Aussie and international, to adapt their strategies or go bust. Instead of cramming pages with as many ‘keywords’ as possible, SEO services became an art form that requires thorough knowledge and expertise to do well.

Google rankings, SEM and SEO services in Australia can be a complex science, requiring sophisticated implementation and expert knowledge. Put simply, Google’s algorithms are designed to deliver the most relevant results to browsers. For businesses, this comprises of providing updates and content that is relevant to their customers. The challenge comes when executing the content.

The professional SEO agency from Melbourne

Reduce the challenge of digital marketing campaigns with one of the top SEO companies in Melbourne. Our team of SEO experts and consultants are experienced professionals, always striving to deliver the best results to our clients. We are not satisfied with merely implementing search engine optimisation strategies. We also continually monitor your campaigns, tweaking and adjusting for your industry and ideal customer.

As a top local SEO agency, we are committed to providing the best experience for our clients. Where other SEO companies will stop with impressions, we deliver measurable results to local companies. We provide tracking services to determine how your viewers operate and the best method to keep them from immediately leaving or ‘bouncing’.

At One Stop Media, we are a one-stop shop for all SEO marketing, web development and design. A special goal of ours is increasing conversion rates. With greater transparency, we are proud to be one of the top SEO companies in Melbourne.

Not too sure where to start? Talk to our SEO experts located in Melbourne about what packages are right to get your company on track to better SEO marketing strategy.


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