Social Media Marketing- How the main platforms can work for your business

The rise and rise of social media over recent years has meant incredible opportunities for business owners across the globe. We’ve seen Facebook, Twitter and Instagram each evolve in leaps and bounds to the advantage of business owners who through the years. For the most part, many would never have guessed that social media marketing had the power to push business so fiercely.

It’s a common mistake to opt for a blanket social media presence: just just because you can join a platform doesn’t mean you absolutely should. Choosing wisely means you get to pre-figure your most appropriate sounding board, and you won’t create extra, unnecessary work for yourself through a number of accounts you can’t adequately feed.

But which platforms and services are right for you, and what do you need to consider before launching a social media campaign?

  • Facebook – Facebook offers the most whack of all platforms, and you can safely guess that the majority of your market is likely to be active users. There are few businesses who wouldn’t benefit from having a facebook page, and one of the best things about it has to be its ability to generate great leads.

  • Pinterest – As a content sharing service, Pinterest enables users to mark their inboards with images and videos they like. It’s a very popular platform for example, for wedding planning markets, event marketers and merchandising branches. Designers and decorators alike will be well- suited to Pinterest for networking alone.

  • Linkedin– Want to build networks, ask for professional advice, hire, advertise as a freelancer or start a work-related group discussion? LinkedIn is the place to impress competitors on a professional level and make yourself more transparent to those you want to reach.

  • Twitter – Fast paced businesses love the spark of Twitter when it runs at full peak. If you want to be available to your target market around the clock, Twitter is the place to be. Need to announce updates or breaking news, reel off some exciting developments, start a conversation? You can stir up a hashtagging storm here.

Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter all offer something different. You can find out a lot about how competitors are engaging with clients simply by viewing their pages. Where are they really connecting with their target market? Don’t just look for numbers- look for lots of good, authentic interaction too. Ince you feel you’ve got a better understanding of where and how your customers interact, choosing the perfect platform is simple! Happy posting!

Looking to engage with a social media expert? We are a leading Social media and marketing company. For business in Melbourne, make One Stop Media your first choice. Call us on 1300 305 619 today.

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Half Court
Half Court
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Ben Wheller
Ben Wheller
11:58 30 Jan 17
OSM has turned our website from a templated early 20s disaster, into a high quality, professional site. They were able to custom design several unique features for my staff and customers without any hassle. The website works very well and I would highly recommend their services to any business who wants a quality site. It is hard to trust digital companies, but Ralph and his team made me a loyal customer with their honest approach. I am now moving forward with marketing and hope to see big things.
Gagandeep Singh
Gagandeep Singh
22:40 14 Dec 16
Best people to deal with for all your digital needs for Business. Deliver as promise. highly recommended.
Joel Truebridge
Joel Truebridge
05:24 17 May 16
If you are looking to boost your business and increase sales, get in touch with Onestopmedia, a digital marketing company based in Melbourne. And I am saying this from personal experience. Faced with a slump in business, I had hired the company for an effective online marketing campaign and they surely did a wonderful job. My existing website was redesigned and optimised so that there was a climb in rankings of the site on results pages of major search engines. This resulted in increased traffic to the site and higher conversions and sales all within a period of about 3 months. Give them a try; you’ll definitely not regret it.
Kulgaurav Kanade
Kulgaurav Kanade
03:12 08 Apr 15
I recommend anyone who is planning to get a Website built or is inclined towards online marketing and Website optimization to approach One Stop Media. They are Excellent ! The customer service is remarkable, even if you want to discuss an idea for your website at midnight they are there for you, and when I say they are there for you I literally mean they will reply to you in no time. With respect to search engine optimization; with the help of OSM they got my business up the ladder, where I was no where to be seen before. Excellent work ethics..
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