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Social Media Marketing

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One of the most important platforms to build brand awareness in the present digital world is social media. Over the last decade or so, it has gained popularity to such an extent that the benchmark of the quality of a product is its acceptance in the social media.


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Unsure about integrating Social Marketing into your overall marketing strategy? Are you a stickler for facts and figures? Here are some compelling reasons why Social Media marketing is so important!

93% of businesses depend on social media sites for marketing their products and services
72% of internet users have social media profiles
People aged 8-29 constitute 89% of social media users
71% use mobile devices for accessing social media
60% aged 60 plus use this platform

These latest online data (quote source) for 2014 would be enough to turn even the most sceptical person into a believer.  Convinced yet?  Embrace social media today, contact One Stop Media!

Our Approach

Phase 1: Market Study We monitor your competitor’s activities from brand, social media activities and we create a brand centric profile reservation on social media sites for you and monitor activities.

Phase 2: First Foray Update/create social media profiles with your companies description, pictures, timeline posts, new content posts including company events, project photos and join relevant communities on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Phase 3: Operational Activity This includes creating a basic KPI social dashboard setup, assign, measure metrics, focus on network growth, official response to conversations on issues and topics.

Phase 4: Productivity Phase Efficiency improvement with third-party solutions and apps, assign social media marketing goals with measurements, integration of social data with planning related to other channels, and cross-functional team creation for web development, PR, customer service, and marketing.  

Phase 5: Full Engagement Create procedures, policy, and governance, data integration, with the expansion of capabilities of social software.

Engaging content and graphics for social media campaign

Creating engaging content with relevant graphics is an important part of our social media marketing campaign. We use Web Content Syndication or RSS and Blogs for product promotions or sharing updates, or newsworthy articles. Delightful and informative Infographics are another crucial engagement tool. We keep your audience hooked with relevant, interesting posts that compel people to share!

Some of the Social media platforms we work on include:

  • Facebook: Paid Facebook Advertising: Focus on your relevant demographics with our paid Facebook ads. By using creative and engaging images we maximise customer engagement
  • YouTube: We create optimised engaging videos for getting the word out for your company and its products and services. Get instant responses from interested people
  •  LinkedIn: Our LinkedIn marketing gets you in the midst of like-minded businesses and entrepreneurs, helping you create lasting partnerships and new engagements
  • WordPress: We use powerful WordPress Plug-ins for effective content marketing, social media campaigns and more. Create a robust and emphatic online presence
  • Tumblr: Content marketing now gets a powerful ally in form of Tumblr and we use it to make your company go places and reach new audiences
  • Twitter: One Stop Media specialists use the right promotional tactics, targeting and analytics to optimise the benefits associated with Twitter marketing
  • Google Plus: Become part of profitable community, increase user engagement and boost revenue generation with our well-planned and executed marketing campaigns
  • Pinterest: We build the best Infographics and data visualisation for showing off your products on Pinterest. Attracting the right audience has never been easier!
  • Instagram: Get assured 15x more engagement with One Stop Media, Instagram marketing strategies. Today it’s much more than a mere Photo Sharing platform!
  •  Flickr: Improve your online visibility BIG TIME with our Flickr marketing strategies. This is done mainly through the use of optimised images to attract audiences

Monitoring social media campaign by professionals: 

Professional monitoring of social media campaigns by One Stop Media keeps you informed. What are people saying about your company? Are your competitors embarking on slur campaigns on social media against you? How can you improve your social media presence and get better results? Regular monitoring and reporting allows us to resolve all these issues and more. Contact our social media marketing company to know more!

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