About Tracking Tools

Conversion tracking tools are used to measure how site visitors interact with your website. The action they take can vary depending on your goal. For example, do you want them to contact you, buy a product or sign up for your newsletter? In short, conversion tracking tools tell us if we’re hitting our goals.

Our Process

A campaign is nothing without measureable data. One Stop Media offers a comprehensive tracking service to quantify the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. We utilise cutting-edge tools to monitor sales and performance of a website, providing in-depth reporting for analysis. With these results, we can make tweaks to your campaign and improve its performance.

Our Process

Google analytics

Google Analytics is the tracking tool that will give you new levels of clarity. It provides a comprehensive insight into your site’s traffic, conversions and sales. It’s the most widely used web analytic software and could be just what your campaign is missing, with key insights to evolve the way you track results.

Discover how customers use your products and services on different platforms. With actual data, you can monitor where website traffic is coming from and how well it is converting. Google Analytics provides additional useful tracking of your display advertising, email marketing, pay-per-click networks and digital collateral.

google analytics tracking

Key Features
of Google Analytics

Know Your Target Audience

Google Analytics helps analyse your website traffic and draw a comprehensive picture of your audience and their unique needs.

See What Your Website Visitors Are Up To

It helps to visually assess how your website visitors interact with your web pages. Know what they’re looking for and what they prefer, and tailor your marketing campaigns for maximum impact.

Trace the Source of Web Traffic

Powerful Google Analytics tools such as Visitor Flow and Traffic Sources help track different sources from where people visit your website and the devices they use to reach you. Then you can expand your reach by placing your brand in all the right places.

Advertising and
Campaign Performance

Monitor and improve performance of your advertising and marketing campaigns with the aid of Search Engine Optimisation, Remarketing, Advertising Reports, Campaign Measurement, Cost Data Import, and Mobile Ads Measurement.

Analysis and Testing

Google Analytics can also help with the analysis and testing of campaign performance so you can tailor it to the unique needs of website traffic.

Cross Device and
Cross-Platform Measurement

You can measure the performance of your website across multiple devices and different platforms, to see which are gaining the most traction.

Phone call tracking

Phone calls may be traditional, but they shouldn’t be ignored in your marketing strategy. Phone call tracking is the simple solution for you to identify the source of your inbound phone calls. Tracking calls gives you insight into which marketing campaigns are generating the most leads.

You can track your calls from anywhere, and use the information to improve strategy. Knowing where your inbound traffic comes from guides you to place more time and energy on the tools that get you the highest return on investment.

One Stop Media has a two pronged policy to take care of your phone call tracking and maximise conversions:

Call tracking at Source

We create a separate phone number for each individual marketing campaign, both online and offline. When you get a call, you’ll know exactly where the call is coming from and which campaign is driving those conversions. Then, you’ll know which campaigns need to be adjusted.

Call tracking by Keywords

The keyword call tracking tool provides information on the specific keywords, both organic and PPC, that are being used to find your website. You can then take the converting keywords and make them an integrated part of your SEO.

Call Tracking

What we Offer

Our call tracking number identifies callers by call source, call volume over time, call span and repeat callers. This information can help you to take informed decisions on the marketing strategies that are most effective for you and are giving you the maximum returns.

It takes just minutes for us to install the call tracking mechanism in your website. Some advantages that our customers can gain from our phone call tracking service include:

  • Immediate installation: Sign up with us and have the tracking phone numbers directed to your business almost immediately
  • Real Time Reporting: Every time you receive a call through a tracking phone number, we will capture the caller’s phone number, date, time and location. You will also know which campaign is generating the call
  • Contacts and charges: There are no long term contracts to be signed, nor is there any charge for setting up the tracking number
  • Easy website incorporation: Integration of the tracking numbers to your website is a simple process. We use exclusive tracking numbers for visitors from different sources like Google Adwords, Microsoft Adcenter, Facebook and other major traffic sources

Visitor recording

Knowing the number of visitors a website receives is a very important index of the site’s popularity. The more the number, the greater will be the rate of conversions. Google Analytics is the most widely used tool in this respect even though a number of other software provides equally effective results.

However, if you want to track the visitors in real time and want to know the number present at any point of time, there is a completely different set of software that does the task just as efficiently. In combination with Heat Maps and Web Analytics, these give a clear picture of the efficiency of your website and the areas or pages that require tweaking for better results. Below it a number of software programs that allow you to track visitors to your website in real time and what makes them stand out from the rest.

Use Visitor Recording To Improve Customer Experience

We use the results gained from visitor recording software to plan out effective short-term and long-term strategies for conversion. You can walk in the shoes of your customers and find out what they want, in order to make the correct on-site adjustments. Here’s why your company can benefit from taking notice of their visitor’s actions:

See where visitors pay attention and where they lose interest

You might think your call-to-action sign looks good, but is it actually converting? Heat maps help you visualise where your visitors are clicking, and which parts of your site remain cold.

Watch the conversion funnel in action

In real-time, you can record each visitor’s journey through the conversion funnel. See which steps are encouraging and which steps are causing them to drop off.

Use form reports

Use insights from form reports to see how visitors are engaging with on-site forms. Are they happy to fill out every field, or do you need to make changes to keep things simpler?

Use results to make the right changes

Your findings can answer many unsolved mysteries. You’ll be able to get real-time insights on how consumers are enjoying (or not enjoying) your website, so you can improve their online experience and connection with your brand.

How to Make Email Marketing Work for your Business

With email analytics, you can obtain a thorough analysis of your campaign with respect to target and domain segments.

  • Identify the success of your email campaign with data such as open rates, conversion rates, click-through rates, bounce-rates and more. Use the data to target specific demographics and make improvements to your campaigns.
  • Email analytics identify where potential customers “drop off” and what actions can be improved to keep them engaged and improve overall effectiveness of the campaign.
  • You can analyse individual and overall behaviours of your target market in a graphical representation for simple and clear results.
  • Email analytics software provides multiple views of a campaign providing greater flexibility to scrutinise the details and improve overall performance.

Email Marketing Services from One Stop Media

One Stop Media is a Melbourne email marketing agency that has the skills to take the reins of your email marketing campaign and analytics. We can make the process simple for you and show you the benefits of tracking email analytics.

We track campaign performance with useful graphs offering detailed insight into:

  • Who opened your email and who didn’t
  • Which links in the emails have been clicked and by whom
  • How many people subscribed or unsubscribed
  • How much revenue your email generated

With this knowledge, you can segment your target audience and target your email towards the relevant groups, ensuring your efforts are being directed towards consumers that are interested in your brand

Sales Tracking

Sales is the critical part of your business, the conversion we’re always working for. As an integral aspect, your finger should be firmly on the pulse of your sales to monitor transactions and maximise every sales opportunity.

Take advantage of an automated sales tracking system to easily keep records and manage every stage of the sales process. You can use the quantifiable data for performance management, resource management and the realistic forecasting of future targets.

Advantages of an Automated Sales Tracking System

We offer our clients an automated sales tracking system, so your sales don’t get lost in a black hole. It’s simple to set up and can benefit your business with the following features:

  • User friendly with intuitive layout
  • Ability to track sales pipeline and contacts throughout the entire team
  • Monitor the sales performance round the clock from any computer
  • Automatic data backup
  • Ability to integrate all sales data and activities with your own software applications through web API
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Provides important team and personal information and team charts, calendar and task reminders
  • Enables detailed sales follow up and periodic reminders of future action to be taken

How can an Automated Sales Tracking System Help you?

Bypassing the opportunity for an automatic sales tracking system and relying instead on manual spreadsheets can lead to errors. In turn, this can affect your sales forecasting and future projections. Here are just a few ways that web-based sales tracking can positively impact your company’s performance.

  • Get a macro level view of sales performance or zero in on micro level sales activities simultaneously
  • Find out about customer performance and manage the relationship with customers, vendors and staff
  • Analyse the reasons for growth in sales and reasons behind a dip
  • Optimise the quote process and inventory holdings
  • Enables you to develop new business while maximising the existing levels
  • Manage potential leads and plan for effective strategic growth
  • Have total control over the complete sales process and get relevant feedback anytime and from anywhere

With this knowledge, you can segment your target audience and target your email towards the relevant groups, ensuring your efforts are being directed towards consumers that are interested in your brand

Our web-based CRM software is a comprehensive solution that covers every aspect of the sales process. It tracks the performance of the team as a whole, as well as each individual. We’ll take care of installation, so you can find out which sales points need strengthening with real-time views of your sales performance.

Other services

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