Our Process Starts with your Website

Web design impacts every aspect of the online experience, so it is crucial to get it right the first time. A good web design company steers your entire project, from start to finish. Their ability to focus on you and your customer’s specific needs will impact your success in all future digital marketing.

Ultimately your website can affect your entire brand presence. Choose a web design company in Melbourne that can make it work for you.

What is Web Design Exactly?

When people think about web design they often only include the visual aspects of creating a site. They think it solely emcompasses colours, images and fonts.

In reality web design is so much more. It includes everything from strategic planning and creation right through to updating website content. It considers the entire experience for viewers (UX), from usability through to layout and typical user habits.

Why is it Important to have Good Web Design?

The importance of website design cannot be overlooked. It affects how easily viewers are able to find what they are looking for and ultimately how well a website will rank.

In today’s age of instant access, you have less than minutes to impress visitors. If your website is too difficult to use, they’ll quickly move onto the next one. Good website design makes a site easy to navigate and locate information, and is intuitive for users. A professionally designed site has the ability to guide visitors into taking action, whether that’s completing a sale or contacting you directly.

Put simply, a website’s design can determine whether a visitor stays to explore your site, or leaves to find your competitor’s.

What Is Web Design Exactly?

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Choose the Right Company

A website provides the first impression of your brand to potential customers.That’s why we deliver a website that will leave them with a positive view. That means always steering clear of sites that are cluttered, confusing, outdated or visually unappealing.

Carefully consider the type of company you want to design your web presence. Is it important that they are a local Melbourne-based company? Do you want quick, personal responses and advice? Would you like to be able to meet them face-to-face?

If those factors are important to you, consider calling One Stop Media. We are a web design and digital marketing company that’s proud to offer full online services to Melbourne businesses. We’re experts in the design and implementation of a website that can effectively deliver your message and reach your goals. Meet with us and talk through your exact specifications, so we can deliver the best digital experience to your customers.

With something as critical as design, don’t settle for anything less than a professional company with the know-how to achieve results for each and every client.

Web Design Services

A well designed website means nothing if it ranks poorly on search engines. Our knowledgeable designers are skilled at building a site with SEO in mind, to drive more customers to your site.

We are skilled at providing a variety of techniques, functions and platforms, including:

Custom Website Design • Website Re-design • Responsive Website Design • Mobile Website Design • Corporate Web Design • Graphic Design • E-commerce Web Design • Content Management Design • Mobile Device Apps

What Web Design Do You Offer?

Your website is your online presence, your ‘shop-front’ and is much an asset to your company as a physical store. So too, your relationship with your web design company will be an asset to your business. They will ensure your website is presented professionally, with the right elements.

What are the Benefits of Website Design?

Effective website design promotes your brand’s success in the modern day. When done properly, there are key ways it can optimise your online presence.

  • It should be mobile and device responsive. We’ve passed the tipping point, and more people now use mobiles over desktops. It is important that your site works well on smaller screens.
  • The internet is a highly competitive marketplace. Captivate potential customers by maintaining an engaging and professional website.
  • The positioning of elements like ‘Calls to action’ can also have a dramatic impact on your conversion rate. Be sure that customers have easy access to the buttons you want them to find to increase conversion rate.

Your website is your online “shop-front” and is as much of an asset to your company as a physical store. Your relationship with your web design company will also benefit your business. They will ensure your website is presented professionally, with the vital elements for success.

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Beyond the Website

Here at our Melbourne based site, One Stop Media is qualified to handle the full range of digital services. We will guide you through the entire process of online marketing to drive traffic to your new or improved website. We are Google Partners and have proven experience in SEO campaigns. Whether you want to target all of Australia, just Melbourne or specific suburbs, we can help.

Other services

State-of-the-Art Web Design from the Ground Up

One Stop Media’s expert web developers develop cutting-edge websites tailored to our clients’ specific industry and unique requirements.

  • Ground-breaking graphic design and visuals
  • Compelling content attracts repeat business
  • Interactive design and user-friendly layouts


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