Our story

In the Beginning…

We like to think of ourselves as a digital agency that’s quick off the mark. We don’t follow trends, we predict them. That’s why, almost a decade ago, we recognised the gaping hole in the marketing industry. While other, bigger brands kept their focus on print marketing, we moved on.

There was a huge opportunity for marketing companies to concentrate on digital marketing, so that’s what we did. Our beginnings were humble, with two employees working away in a garage and learning all they could about the digital world.

The marketplace became noisy with other agencies shouting about generating traffic, clicks and impressions. For us, other areas were more important. We stepped in and began to offer clients an actual return on their investment, so they could increase their sales and make money.

One Stop Media Today

We’ve gone from 2 employees to 35.

Since 2014, we’ve committed every day to helping clients invest wisely in the right kinds of marketing. Some clients have been able to increase their business by over 500% by working with us and seeing the benefits in moving away from print media to digital advertising.

Our agency doesn’t revolve around numbers, but we focus on delivering quality to each and every client. And the future looks bright with that formula. We’re expanding in new technologies like Blockchain and Chatbots to help our clients achieve success in the competitive realm of digital marketing.

One Stop Media was built on the aspiration to provide businesses with the pieces they need to complete their digital marketing puzzle. Our personal experiences and passions define our company and the services we’re able to offer.


Transforming your business and our business through innovations. We envision being your long-term, valued digital partner through our unique set of skills, experience and personality.


Our mission is to make sure our clients businesses aim high and hit goals. We focus on return on investment and stay one step ahead with the best digital technology.


We treat clients and employees alike fairly. We always honour commitments and value honesty and ethics in everything we do. You can be sure that we mean what we say, and we’ll deliver.


We grew on passion and it’s what drives us everyday. We love what we do and we’re always learning more. With passion and dedication, we believe that we can achieve anything.


Our team is the core of our business. We appreciate people that are brimming with their own ideas and personality, but are also open to listening to the views of others.

Client Focus

We’re about quality, not quantity. As soon as you partner with us, you become our friend. We work with you every step of the way to understand your aspirations, and to make sure you get there.

Brands we work with

Connect with Customers with Our Custom Chatbots

Welcome visitors to your website with a personalised and interactive Chatbot that provides useful information and interaction.

  • Interact with clients and promote engagement
  • Leave a lasting impression and provide information
  • Let us build a customised Chatbot for your site


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