Why a website is vital for 2017 businesses?


Businesses who operate in the modern digital age often forget about how important the internet can be to their success. For small businesses, and those operating for a long time, this can be doubly true. Why should they spend money on something that changes so much, they grumble, besides all our clients know us already and they certainly don’t use the internet to find us, they add.

However, while it might be true that you existing clients already know you, and even if the majority of your customers come through referrals, this does not reduce the importance of a website.

Today more than 80% of customers will search for a business’ name before contacting them. This figure only increases when considering the volume of industry searches looking for a generic service or product. It is not enough to simply rely on your existing clients to help you grow either through repurchasing or referrals. Instead, businesses should be focused on being available for customers when and wherever they are searching in your industry.

At One Stop Media, we frequently come across people who are not certain why they need a website, or they are sceptical about all the reported benefits. In our many years of experience as a local web design company servicing Melbourne and clients nationally, we delivered our clients a range of benefit simply by giving them a quality website. With our experience and technical knowledge here are some of the key reasons why you cannot afford not to have a website.

website is vital for 2017 businesses
  • Losing business – The main reason why every business should have a website is that without one, you are losing business. No website represents missed opportunities, and with the ease of gaining a simple template, no presence at all just tells your customer you are behind with the times. Customers expect every business to have a website, and letting them down is the quickest way to lose a potential customer.
  • Credibility, your Digital Reputation – A digital presence ensures that viewers believe that you are truly dedicated to your products or services. It demonstrates an investment in your industry and also provides a measure to gauge how established your business is. Today, only old traditionalists or tiny, less professional businesses are assumed not to have a website. If you do not want your website associated with this reputation then creating a modern, inviting website is one way to let your customers know you put them first.
  • Competitive – All your competitors have a website, so why are you letting them gain an advantage over you? If your customers cannot find you online, the next step is to search for either a competitor or business that meets their needs. Because customers typically begin their buying journey with research, if you are not there during that stage; it is like you do not exist. One of the biggest competitive advantages you can have for customers is up-to-date contact information and a site which optimises your local presence. Not only will you increase the amount of customer who can find you, but it also grabs the attention of the all-important search engine algorithms. With customers using location-based apps like Yelp and Google Maps to plan out their shopping route, your business could gain a competitive advantage, simply by being in the right spot at the right time.
  • Impressions count – Never did the old idiom ‘first impressions count’ matter more than the digital environment where all your competitors are available as quick as a back button. When almost all of your customers have their first impression of you via your digital presence, it is important that not only do you have a website but it also accurately represents your business’ values and physical presence. If your site is cluttered, confusing and outdated, your customers are passing judgement on what that says about your business. If you want to pass through the initial research stage, then it is important to present viewers a site that caters to their needs, from user experience through to engaging and relevant content.
  • Easy Updated Information – At One Stop Media, we design and develop content management systems for all of our website projects. We believe it is important that you control your business’ information and online assets, able to update when needed. Not only does this make it easier and even cheaper than other informational sources, done right it can even deliver better customer engagement.
  • Budget Saver – One of the biggest draws for business owners and managers, a website is one of the cheapest ways to both expand your audience reach and deliver updated information. Cheaper than traditional advertising, your customers can access more detailed information about the specific product they are searching for. With a content management system, it also allows your business to adjust to seasonal changes or promotions easily. From content descriptions to photos, your technical knowledge is the only limit on delivering continued updates. Using it as a base, your further digital marketing efforts can easily be based on those online promotions. Because the internet never closes your information will always be available and ready for your customers, regardless what time of the day or night they are searching for information.
  • Deliver Greater Customer Value – Ultimately the purpose of a website is to encourage a certain expectation in a viewer, to deliver greater customer value and ensure you are the one they turn to with questions. One of the best ways to cement your reputation as delivering quality customer service is to provide updated content. Whether through a regular blog, a FAQ or a newsletter, your commitment to sharing information will ensure viewers will come back to you for more information. Given it needs on average 7 points of contact, before a viewer becomes a buyer, every bit helps!

If you are unhappy with your business’ online presence or thought that you particularly lacked in one of the mentioned areas, maybe it’s time you got a new website. Whether redesigning an outdated or dysfunctional site or even launching a completely new website, we can help you. At One Stop Media, we are a full-service digital agency which means we can take care of every aspect of your digital presence. We intimately understand what makes a good website and design every site for both the best user experience and to deliver quality conversions.

Contact us today for a free meeting with one of our technical specialists. We can help you discover exactly how important and rewarding an optimised website could be for your business.

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