Why It Might Be Time To Update Your Logo

Zara, Kate Spade and Slack have all changed their logos in the last month signalling a new movement in brand marketing. What can a logo update do for your brand recognition?

Logos are the cornerstone of a brand. Alongside the name, the logo functions to convey a brand personality and to cement itself in the mind of consumers. Business’ have been long aware of the way an effective logo can boost brand recognition and overall success. Despite the recent outcry at Zara’s logo change, redesign is an essential part of any long-term marketing strategy.

No business is static. Brand evolution is key to staying relevant and a logo redesign may just be the thing to signify to your customers that your brand is contemporary and up to date. Like fashion and trends in general, logos are a product of the era and time in which they are conceptualised. Design sensibilities and norms intuitively change with time as does your business, the challenge is making sure your logo reflects this.

Logo imagery and symbolism are integral in evoking a sense of meaning to a brand. It creates a relationship between a business and the people, which is why new logos are so often met with public outcry (cue Zara). Iconic fonts and symbols can be difficult to part as the public invariably becomes attached to familiar logos. The most effective logo redesigns are the ones that preserve the successful elements of the logo while updating the dated aspects.

No matter how iconic the logo, all must eventually go through a revamp. If you’ve had the same logo for over a decade, or notice some parts of it looked a little tired it’s probably time to consult a marketing expert. Although some outdated logos may require a complete overhaul, some may only need a subtler retouch. ‘Google’ updates its logo regularly without any major changes to it’s original design. The result however is that it is constantly signalling to the world its brand evolution.

Whether your logo redesign signifies changes in your business or works to simplify and modernise your company, restructure is an inevitable part of any business that’s around for the long-haul. Consulting with a marketing specialist about your logo is essential in maintaining your brands integrity. One Stop Media can assist with all your marketing needs. Contact one of our branding specialists to discuss how best to update your logo.

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